Black Hair Care

Black Hair Care

If you are a person with dark black hair, then special care should be taken as they are more prone to dryness and breakage. Following are some of the basic points you should know:

Avoid Frequent Washing

It is important that you should avoid washing hair frequently. Limit hair washing to one or two times a week. Washing frequently may make your hair dry and difficult to handle as it becomes more brittle. In addition to make you smell better, you can make use of leave-in conditioners.

Keep Hair Moisturized

Make sure to keep your hair moisturized always. Moisturizing makes your hair soft and supple. Moisturizing also helps in triggering hair growth. Lack of moisturizer causes dryness and hair breakage. The best way to moisturize black hair is by applying extra virgin coconut oil to wet hair followed by covering it with a plastic cap and sitting under a hooded dryer for 10-15 min. Always choose hair care products that contains moisturizing ingredients. Make sure that the moisturizing agents are capable of penetrating in to your hair deeply rather than just acting as a glossy coat. Most of the water based moisturizers are effective in their action.

Avoid Frequent Use of Heated Styling Tools

The frequent use of heated styling tools may cause dryness of hairs. So reduce the use of such tools as much as possible and make sure not to use them more than twice a week. Allow your hair to dry naturally rather than using a hair dryer. Similarly, the use of curling iron and flat iron should also be reduced. Before using such tools, protect your hair with protective hair serum which helps in minimizing the damage to a great extend.

Make Use of Hair Relaxer

Sometimes you might feel very difficult to manage your hair. In such situation the use of relaxers will be very useful. The relaxers help in making your fizzy hairs smooth to handle. Relaxers are chemicals that make your hairs straight by breaking the bonds between the hair proteins and rearrange them in a different way. Relaxers may lead to hair breakage. It should not be applied to already damaged hair. So before using relaxers make sure that your hair is properly moisturized and if needed, you should undergo hair protein treatment. Never try to apply relaxers at home as it may damage your hair, instead approach a beautician.

Protein Treatment

Protein treatment will help your hair in replacing the proteins that are lost during chemical treatment. The hair proteins play a great role in increasing the strength of the hairs and hence prevent hair damage. Lack of proteins may lead to weakening of hair and eventually breaks it.

Use Mild Shampoos

To clean your hairs always choose mild shampoos that are devoid of harsh chemicals. Most of the shampoos available in the market today contain strong chemicals like engine degreasers and concrete cleaners within it. Use of such shampoos may cleanse your hair more rapidly but beware of their side effects. These chemicals may cause lose of moisture and strength and result in dry damaged hair.

Use Hair Conditioners

Since black hair are dry in nature and more prone to damage, it is necessary to use conditioners regularly. A conditioner acts as a sealing agent and protects your hair from losing moisture. Use of leave-in moisturizers will have a long lasting effect.

Overnight Care

You should take care of your hair properly before going to bed so that they become more manageable in the morning. There are several ways with which you can reduce tangle formation overnight.Using a satin pillow case or a scarf might help to a great extend. Always comb your hair before going to bed.

Hair Coloring

You can color your hair with either permanent or temporary colors. For choosing a suitable color you can go for an expert advice. Use should always perm your hair before coloring. Perming helps in opening up the cuticle layer of the hair. Once he cuticle layer gets opened, it facilitates the easy penetration of hair color deep into the hair shaft. Perming prior to coloring also helps the color to last longer. It is advisable to color your hair from an expert rather than doing it at home.

Black Hair Care Tips   

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle that helps in maintaining healthy hair.
  • Massage your scalp twice a week. Massaging stimulates oil production and prevents hair dryness and resulting damage.
  • If necessary you can wash your hair daily but use shampoos only once a week. 
  • After shampooing use conditioners or oils to moisturize the hair.
  • Never use hot water to wash hairs instead use warm water, hot water leads to dryness.
  • After washing never rub your hair with towel as it may lead to tangle formation and hair breakage instead allow it to dry naturally.
  • Choose hair care products that are devoid of alcohol as alcohol may lead to dryness. Dryness may ultimately lead to hair breakage.
Thus, by moisturizing and cleaning the hair the right way using right products, you can protect your beautiful black hair from all types of damages and maintain them healthy forever.