Biotin Nutritional Supplement

Biotin Info

Biotin, also called as vitamin B7, is one of eight imperative vitamins the body needs to function. Biotin servers as a carrier of carbon dioxide, enables the synthesis of fat, helps in weight loss and the metabolization of amino acids. Biotin is also essential for keeping hair, nails and skin healthy.

Benefits of Biotin Supplement

There are several benefits of biotin which may include:

Essential B Complex

Biotin is one of vitamins found in many common foods. A deficiency of biotin is seldom witnessed. It is important for the metabolic functions of the body along with the cell growth. Biotin is an essential nutrient of the body.

Metabolic Functions

The most prominent benefit of biotin in the body is its role in metabolic reactions. It helps the body in generating glucose by changing fats, carbohydrates, and proteins into fuel that our body needs to function normally.

Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have manifested that biotin also plays a crucial role in retaining healthy blood sugar levels. Due to its potential to observe carbohydrates so efficiently, it is more often than not, recommended for diabetic patients.

Helps in General Health

Biotin plays a role in retaining the health of vital parts of the body and functioning normally. It is an important component for maintaining the proficiency of sweat glands, nerve tissues and bone marrow.

Healthy Hair and Skin

Benefits of Biotin have long been acknowledged for healthy hair and skin. Signs like hair loss, rashes, eczema and fungus can result in biotin deficiency.

Side Effects of Biotin Supplement

As per the Mayo Clinic,no side effects have been witnessed if the biotin is taken within the limit of up to 10 milligrams per day. Any excess biotin in the body may be excreted throgh urine as it is a water-soluble vitamin.

Eosinophilic Pleuropericardial Effusion

Although seldom, there is a case of a woman who took excess doses of biotin, coupled with vitamin B5, and witnessed a condition called eosinophilic pleuropericardial effusion. This condition is fatal and in this condition the blood or air  present in the pleural space, lead to the infection. In this particular case, the condition was under control once the combination of biotin and B5 was ceased.

Birth Defects and Miscarriages

In animal studies, pregnant rats developed the risk of miscarriage, as well as birth defects, but it is not known if this happens in human pregnancies also.

Doses to be Taken

The prescribed biotin dose can vary, as it is based on several factors. Women who are breastfeeding require a higher dose of biotin, and higher biotin doses are often suggested for individual having specific medical conditions. Over all the normal recommended dose of biotin varies from 5 mcg per day to 35 mcg.