Biopsy Small Intestine

This requires lesser devices because the procedure of biopsy of small intestine is not complex; it takes only few minutes to complete.

Biopsy Small Intestine Minimum Requirement

Flexible tube:-the main device of endoscopic method is this tube which is inserted in the mouth or nose to get the sample.

Video camera:-this device is needed in endoscopic method to draw out the sample from intestine.

Tiny surgical instruments:-these are tiny instruments which are inserted in the mouth or nose to take out the sample. These devices can only be operated by Gastroenterologist or General Physician.

Needle:-this is used in aspiration biopsy to draw the skin sample.

X-rays and CT scans machine:-these devices are used in needle biopsy for further examination of diseases.

Biopsy Small Intestine Preparation

Biopsy of small intestine does not require much preparation. Every method of biopsy has its own preparation. Through endoscopic method, which is very popular,  flexible tube is inserted through the mouth or nose to take out sample from the intestine. The procedure is performed by pathologists who is specialized in diagnosising the diseases through samples. Another method is the capsule method, which has beaten the performance of endoscopic method. It requires large sample from the intestine. In this method, a capsule and tube is inserted in the mouth. In some method, the needle is needed, in some other method mercury-weighted bag is needed. But in all the cases patient is given anaesthesia so that patient should not feel any pain during the process. Also patient is told not to eat or drink anything for few hours.

Biopsy Small Intestine Process

The process of biopsy of small intestine is simple whatever a method is. In endoscopic method, a flexible fibre type tube is inserted through mouth or nose and into the upper gastrointestinal tract where a tissue sample is removed. Patient is given general anaesthesia in this case. Then the sample is send to the laboratory for examination of diseases. In capsule method, tropical anaesthesia is given for taking out large sample .Patient has to lie down on right side so that capsule reach to the stomach and then the small intestine and small samples of intestine are collected through endoscopic method through tube.Another method is needle biopsy in which needle is required to collect the sample. Mainly this biopsy is done where needle can reach to collect the sample like skin abnormalities, breast lumps etc. In laparoscopic method only small cut is made near the area from where the sample is taken and then the device required in endoscopic method is placed. Mainly this method is done to collect the sample of internal organ. In open surgery, large cut is made after giving general anaesthesia so that the surgeon can easily see the area. This is mainly done to collect the sample to find out diseases like liver tumour or lung tumour.