Biopsy Small Intestine Recovery

Small intestine is said to be main organ of the body because the main digestion of food takes place in this organ only. This is the place where main diseases like cancer etc are detected. There are several method through which biopsy of small intestine is done to find out whether person is having particular disease. The procedure in which tissues or cell or lining is removed through flexible or video tube from mouth or nose is known as endoscope method, which is very popular now days. The sample taken from intestine is then sent to the laboratory for examination. The samples are taken for evaluating certain diseases where the abnormality grows like malabsorption, iron deficiency, diarrhoea etc.

Biopsy Small Intestine Precautions

Though this procedure takes only few minutes, certain precautions should be taken for safety point of view:


  1. Patient is given general anaesthesia in small intestine biopsy; in this case patient should not allow eating and drinking for certain hours before the biopsy process starts.

  2. Some patients are allergenic to anaesthesia for this they should inform to the doctor before hand for safety.

  3. Patient should avoid smoking before going for this biopsy process. Smoking puts huddle in recovery process.

  4. Patient should make an enquiry of the methods that will suit him whether he is going for endoscopic method or capsule method or laparoscopic ally. From all of them capsule method is better because it is more advance and fast and patient prefer this method.


  1. There are some complications which the patient faces after the procedure which he should consult to the doctor.

  2. Bleeding can take place after the process which requires immediate medication.

  3. Some patient suffers from abdominal pain which will be fine after certain days. Doctors recommend for some pain killer to remove the pain but it has its own side effects.

  4. Patient may have certain bacterial infection from that site where sample has taken so he should be alert in this case.

  5. Patient may also have some tumour or ulcer, or some clot in that site, for this is alarming stage for the patient.

  6. Sometimes patient gets injury while taking the sample as a result of which malabsorption of certain nutrients vitamins, minerals etc takes place.

  7. Patient can also suffer from blockage of some vessel after the process.

Biopsy Small Intestine Recovery

The recovery of this small intestine biopsy takes some time because patient is given anaesthesia and for that he has to remain in the hospital for a day. He can’t drive a car or also not allowed to drink or eat until anaesthesia effect is removed. Patient is given good diet full of fruits and vegetables for recovery. Lots of fluids should be given as this will help the patient to heal up fast. This biopsy is safe and recovery is also fast. Some complications may arise that depend on person to person.