Biopsy Prostate Side Effects

Biopsy Prostate Facts

Prostate cancer, in majority of cases, does not travel. It is in the prostate only.

If the man is actually suffering from prostate cancer, a prostate biopsy generally releases cancer cells into the blood veins. These cancer cells then tour through the body where they can easily colonize and grow.

That means when a body has a cancer tumor that is confined (as prostate cancer tumors generally are) you should not be breaking them up and sending the cells into a blood veins where the immune system is already weak to eliminate mutating cells.

A healthy body can easily eliminate stray cancer cells. When you actually understand what cancer is, you will realize that cancer, ipso facto, is not a localized condition. This condition is developed due to an impaired immune system. The tumor in itself is a symptom of the actual disorder. It is not the disease in itself.

You do not get contracted to cancer like you catch a cold or the flu. It has been earlier proven also in the 1950s and 1960s when live cancer cells were injected into healthy human bodies. The cancer cells could not live and grow.

Biopsy Prostate Disadvantages

A study at the Mayo Clinic manifests that of 2,258 prostate biopsies, 17% were linked with at least 1 complication that required further treatment.

Typical prostate biopsy complications include:

  • It may 'skip' the cancer if it is in a location of the prostate from where a sample was not extracted.
  • It can turn out to be a gradual growth or non-aggressive cancer that may not lead to any kind of symptoms or problems in your lifetime leaving you clueless to make decisions about whether to have treatment or not.
  • It can lead to short-term side effects for instance blood in your urine, faeces or semen.
  • There is a risk of contracting a serious infection of termed as septicemia, albeit it is rare. About one out of 100 men (one per cent) may expect this. You will take antibiotics prior to undergoing biopsy to prevent infection.
  • Some men may find it painful or uncomfortable.
  • Painful infection
  • Bloody semen
  • Not able to urinate
  • Bleeding rectum

Biopsy Prostate Advantages

The advantages of biopsy prostate may include:

  • It can assist in ascertaining whether you have prostate cancer.
  • It can offer further intelligence about the how much the cancer has spread in the samples taken, how aggressive it might be and whether or not it may disseminate (measured by the Gleason score). This can allow your specialist team to take decision which treatment process should be applied.

Biopsy Prostate Side effects

Short-term Bleeding

You may witness bleeding for a short span in your urine or bowel motions which may continue up to two weeks after the biopsy. You may also find blood in your semen for up to six weeks. If bleeding lasts for longer than this to clear up, or gets worse after the prescribed period of recovery, you should immediately visit a see a doctor straight away.

Urine Retention

Some men find difficulty in passing urine after a biopsy. This condition is called urine retention. If you find this happening to you, it is imperative to consult your doctor or specialist team or go to your nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department.


A few men (about one per cent) may contract with an infection of the blood called septicemia after a biopsy. This can lead to symptoms identical to flu. It is very necessary to take all of the antibiotics that you have been advised to take to inhibit this happening. If you have get a high fever, pain or burning when you pass urine, or trouble passing urine, you should visit your nearest accident and emergency (A&E) department without fail. These symptoms are the signal that you have an infection, even if you have been consuming antibiotics.