Biopsy Endometrial Procedure

Introduction of Biopsy Endometrial

Biopsy endometrial is a type of examination process in which an infected tissue is taken out from the woman’s uterus for examination. This examination is done when doctors suspect the infection of malignant tissue in the uterus because that can lead to cancer disease. The name biopsy endometrial has come from the name of the special tissue ‘endometrium’ and this is the tissue which can be infected with malignancy. Doctors take a sample of this tissue in this procedure and do examination about the infection of cancer and any other severe disease over there. The infected tissue will be removed from the uterus and sent to the laboratory for analysis under a microscope.

Minimum requirements for Biopsy Endometrial

The minimum requirement of this procedure is anesthesia however in some of the cases biopsy endometrial is done without anesthesia too. Doctors will use an instrument which is called speculum and that will be put into the vagina to hold it open and see the cervix and from there doctors can take out the infected tissue.

Doctors will also use tenaculum to hold the uterus steady because the cervix should be cleaned with an antiseptic liquid. However, doctors use a device which is called a cervical dilator for stretching the cervical canal if there is tightness in some of the cases. After that hollow plastic tube is gently passed into the uterine cavity to take out a sample of the lining and this sample will be taken to the laboratory for doing research under microscope observation.

Preparation for Biopsy Endometrial

Although there are no specific preparation for biopsy endometrial but it is better to take ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB) or acetaminophen (Tylenol) 1 hour before the procedure because to have more relax on cramping. The examination of biopsy endometrial has normal preparation as per other biopsy regulations. However, you have to cross check with the doctors for the good time of pursuing the examination. Doctors usually do not prefer to do this examination at the time of pregnancy.

Process of Biopsy Endometrial

The procedure of endometrial biopsy examination is very easy and it can be done by your local health care practitioners too however, you need to know the entire procedure before performing this examination which will develop your enthusiasm and you can be relaxed. Complete relaxation is very important for the patients as they have to be positive to have this examination. The process of biopsy endometrial can be defined in a simple way as doctors will perform an examination while taking out a malignant tissue from women’s uterus. Doctors will make the patients to be unconscious by using anesthesia and they will cut a sample tissue from the infected part of the uterus and that sample part will be sent to the laboratory for microscope examination to identify the infection of cancer and other severe diseases.  However, in some of the cases the patients do not require to go through anesthesia observation too as it can be done in local clinic by a regular practitioner.

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