Biopsy of Breast

Biopsy of breast is an important examination procedure when a patient is suspected for the infection of cancer in his/her breast. Male and female both can be infected with breast cancer and therefore breast biopsy is done in a systematic way to identify the infection of cancer in the breast. Surgical procedure is involved in the breast biopsy. Doctors use normal anesthesia to perform the surgical process of the breast biopsy. Usually a sample is taken out from the infected area to examine the presence of cancer in the breast. Doctors use needle to cut out the small area of the infected place and examine. The sample is taken for the evaluation to identify the presence of the malignant tissue in that place. Breast biopsy is done only for the suspicion of unusual growth of lump, mass, lesion, and tumor in the breast. Breast cancer can be occurred both male and female and therefore breast biopsy is done for both male and female. 

There is another type of biopsy of breast which is called vacuum-assisted breast biopsy. In this breast biopsy a tissue sampling technique can be used for a special instrument which can remove samples of breast tissue through a single and small skin notch. Vacuum-assisted breast biopsy has become more common as a diagnostic tool because a much less invasive procedure is involved in this system.

History of Biopsy of Breast

According to the history of the breast biopsy, a suspicious breast growth can be instituted by a patient's self-examination. However, it can be also found by the process of a physician's clinical examination or a screening procedure which is also called as a mammogram.

If anybody feels a lump in a breast he/she should immediately consult a physician for testing. Physician can also check armpit or above a collarbone to find other type of lump or abnormal growth. According to the history of the breast biopsy suspicion, doctors provide important notification to understand whether the suspicion is important or not. Check below ideas to know more about the infection breast cancer - 

  • The skin of the breast turns red or irritated

  • Getting development of scaly skin on the breast

  • Infected with the dimpling skin on the breast

  • Continuous swelling in the skin of the breast

  • Get affected with the nipple discharge other than milk

  • Affected with the nipple retraction or inversion

  • Getting continuous itching in the nipple

  • Getting awkward shape of the breast

  • Continuous breast pain

Purpose of Biopsy of Breast

The main purpose of the biopsy of breast is to know about the presence of cancer tissue in the breast. When people usually get infected with the breast problem then they will experience awkward shape of the breast and continuous pain in the breast and then they have to know properly whether these infections are occurred for the presence of cancer or any other reason. If cancer attacks then it is very serious matter. Breast cancer claims many lives in the world so far. Therefore, breast biopsy is very important to identify the presence of cancer in the breast tissue.  

Types of Biopsy of Breast

There are some important types of biopsy of breast available and those are namely - fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB), core needle biopsy (CNB), vacuum-assisted breast biopsy, and excision biopsy (surgery).