Biopsy Breast Procedure


If an abnormal tissue is initiated in the breast then doctors will suspect that as a malignant tissue but without examination they cannot confirm its malignancy and hence biopsy examinations are done to find out the cancer attack of this place. There are a number of methods of biopsy nowadays and the most common method is traditional surgical which is involved with making an incision to remove the abnormal breast tissue.

Biopsy of breast is a certain examination procedure when it has been suspected to get infected with cancer in the breast in male and female. For conducting a good examination of biopsy of breast, doctors will give preference to have proper requirements, preparation method and the process of this procedure. Doctors strictly perform this examination in a confined room with all facilities for the patients because this examination process may be done in both ways surgical and non-surgical and in both ways systematic medical observations are required. 

Minimum Requirements of Biopsy of Breast

As there are many types of biopsy of cancer and therefore doctors will perform biopsy of cancer according to the infection of the disease. The minimum requirements of biopsy of cancer means what are the most important prerequisite needs to be fulfilled while performing biopsy of breast examination. Some of the important requirements are given below for all types of biopsy of breast:

The main types of biopsy of breast are namely - Superior needle aspiration biopsy, Core needle biopsy, Vacuum-assisted biopsy, Large core biopsy and Open surgical biopsy. In all these biopsy of breast examinations, patients have to follow some of the important requirements like eating, breakfast and clothing system. Patients can eat light breakfast in the morning nearly 2 to 3 hours before performing the examination. Patients have to wear two pieces of clothes while entering to the examination hall. 

Preparation for Biopsy of Breast

To prepare for the biopsy of breast, doctors will ask you questions about your medical history and perform a manual breast exam. A consent form will be given to you for signing before biopsy of breast. Doctors will check whether you require general anesthesia or not if you require, you may be asked not to eat or drink anything for 8 - 12 hours before the test. 

  • Doctors will also provide you suggestion for your existing medications like if you are already continuing with any herbal medications, so, if doctors say to stop that medication, you have to stop that for time being. 

  • Doctors should know your present status before having an open biopsy and therefore, you have to clarify him if you are pregnant. 

  • Always avoid using lotion, perfume, powder, or deodorant underneath your arms or on your breasts.

  • You should be aware of such things while preparing for the biopsy of breast. You need to inform doctors about your allergic condition. You have to remove all types of jewelry while preparing for the biopsy of breast. 

Process of Biopsy of Breast

There are many biopsy methods available but all methods rely on image regulation to help the doctors accurately locate the abnormality in the breast. Imaging is a very necessary examination if a breast abnormality cannot be found during other examinations and therefore imaging plays a vital role which can detect abnormality on imaging studies such as mammography or ultrasound. 

  • Open biopsy is conducted to remove part in the area of infection and it is also called as a lumpectomy.

  • Initially the biopsy surgeon will try to feel the lump in the breast manually however; he may use breast ultrasound or mammography to find the lump. 

  • The entire process of the biopsy of breast is done in an operation theatre as the patients require strict medical observation. 

  • The patients have to lie on back for the procedure. Local anesthesia will be given with medicine to make sleepy to perform the examination in a systematic way. 

  • The skin of the infected portion will be cut and doctors will input a wire into the infected area to take sample.  

  • A dressing and bandage will be applied after the tissue sample is taken and the patients will be released when he/she will get back to the normal stage. 

However, doctors will take some time to declare the result of the biopsy because the examination takes time.