Biopsy Bone Marrow

Bone marrow plays a vital role in the human body as bones produces new blood cells. Therefore if there is any problem in the body system doctor recommends biopsy of bone marrow to find out any blood problem. In this procedure, the doctor takes out the sample from the hip bone or from any other bone through a long needle to diagnose the blood problem like cancer etc. Sometimes doctor give local anaesthesia to the patient so that they may not feel any pain. These samples are send to the laboratory for testing and evaluation of any diseases and problems. The result of this biopsy test is obtained within a day or a two. Mainly this is done by Gastroenterologist or General Physician.

Advantages Biopsy Bone Marrow

There are several advantages of bone marrow biopsy

  • It is quick and fast. The whole procedure takes only few minutes and samples are taken from the patient.

  • There arises only few complications to the patient; otherwise this biopsy is safe and comfortable.

  • This biopsy helps in detecting the major diseases like cancer etc and therefore treatment can be started at early stages.

Disadvantages Biopsy Bone Marrow

Patients experience pain when the needle is inserted for taking out the sample. In this case general anaesthesia is not given.

  • In open biopsy, the bone is taken out and stiches are given to the patient. For this, the patient has to stay back in the hospital for few days. 
  • It is difficult to extract the samples from the obese patients as their skin is fatty making it difficult to find the bonny area.
  • Patient may experience bleeding after the procedure.
  • Specialists are able to take small amount of sample through the procedure.
  • Infection may cause to the patient in blood steam which require medical treatment.
  • Doctor gives some pain killer to avoid the pain  but that pain killer has some side effect that creates a problem to the patient.

Biopsy Bone Marrow Side Effects

Side effects are rare in bone marrow biopsy but a sometimes complication arises according to the patient. Mild soreness occurs in the patient but it is for short duration. In some patient bleeding problem arises; for this, medical treatment is required. Sometimes patient feels lower back pain. Some patients have red spot on their chest after the procedure of biopsy. When the patient arrives at home, side effects like fever, chillness, and swelling may come to the patient. Nausea, vomiting cough, shortness of breath, chest pain ,Joint pain, fatigue, stiffness, rash are some symptoms that may happen to the patient after the process of biopsy. Patients feel dizziness and sleepy because of the medicine given to the patient for recovery.