Bikram Yoga Postures and Benefits

Bikram Yoga Postures and Benefits

Yoga is a popular form of exercise and it is practiced by many people all around the world. Among all the forms of yoga, bikram yoga is one of the most popular forms. Since yoga is a popular form of exercise, there are many schools and training institutes that teach different disciplines of yoga

Among all the yoga disciplines, Hatha and bikram yoga are two very popular forms of yoga. In some way both these disciplines are similar to each other. Hatha yoga is considered to be a more traditional form of yoga and it is known to be practiced by many people. On the other hand, bikram yoga is quite structured and specific that it includes all the important disciplines of yoga. 

Bikram Yoga

‘Hot yoga’ is a term often referred to as bikram yoga because this yoga can be quite strenuous when compared to hatha yoga which is a little slow paced. Just like other yoga’s, even bikram yoga includes poses and asanas that are similar to other types of yoga. The only difference is the way it is practiced. 

In bikram yoga, the postures are practiced in coordination with breathing techniques. These breathing techniques are known as pranayams. In bikram yoga, breathing is a very important part of the practice. It also includes 26 postures that together make up bikram yoga asanas.

When it comes to practicing bikram yoga, it has to be practiced in a warm environment. Therefore, this yoga is commonly known as ‘hot yoga’ which makes it different from other types. Bikram yoga includes a combination of yoga asanas and breathing. It is generally practiced in a room where the temperature is around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Benefits of Bikram Yoga

A few bikram yoga practices, it is very good for the stem. A regular practice of bikram yoga along with the warm environment where it is practiced helps in keeping the muscles flexible and supple. This therefore, helps the person to make different postures with ease and less risk. It also prevents injury while practicing.

Other types of yoga’s include a whole lot of postures, which enable new students to practice and choose different poses. Bikram yoga has a total of 26 postures. Students who are new may hesitate as they believe that a few poses may be a little tough at the same time experienced students might find it very simple. In yoga, every pose can be modified a little to suit a person’s ability to do it. When it comes to bikram yoga, the poses are advanced and modified to be a bit challenging. 

Bikram Yoga Postures

Every session in bikram yoga has 26 practices, which starts with the breathing exercises also known as pranayamas. After this, a person has to do the half moon pose touching the feet, followed by the Awkward Pose and the Eagle Pose. Later there are other poses that have to be followed like the Standing Head to Knee Pose, the Standing Bow Pulling Pose, the Standing Separate Leg, and the Balancing Stick Pose and so on.

The bikram yoga asanas are into two catagories. The first twelve postures are the standing position and the others are in the reclining or sitting position. It starts with the Dead Body Pose and ends with the Blowing in Firm Pose.