Bikram Hot Yoga

Bikram Hot Yoga

The founder of Bikram Hot Yoga is Guru Bikram Choudhury. This yoga is derived from conventional yoga. Although it has been gained the highest level of popularity in the early 1970s, but still people do practice it as an ultimate yoga. This yoga runs usually for 90 minutes in a studio with nearly 41 degree Celsius heat. Bikram Hot Yoga has 26 poses and 2 breathing applications.
Bikram Hot Yoga provides a full body exercise from toe to head. The process of practicing this yoga can stimulate all internal parts of your body, which enables to circulate fresh blood in each pump of the heart. This yoga practice can help you to have increased focus of your mind.
Reducing some of the most common problems of human beings like stress, insomnia, arthritis and back pain, this yoga is very helpful for diabetic patients.

Find below Some of the Important Postures of Bikram Hot Yoga out of all 26 Postures

  • Standing Deep Breathing – Pranayama (Sanskrit) – Standing posture -- Stand straight and close your hands together and have deep breathing in frequent moments.                                
  • Half Moon Posture - Ardha-Chandrasana (Sanskrit) - Standing posture -- Put both the palms of your hands together and lean straight left or right side down as to look like half moon. 
  • Hands to Feet – Pada-Hasthasana (Sanskrit) – Sitting posture - Stretch your legs and touch the legs by your nose and catch the toes of the both legs. Be careful to make legs to be straight on floor.
  • Awkward Pose – Utkatasana (Sanskrit) – Standing posture -- Stand with your toes and stretch hands straightly ahead. Try to sit on the standing posture putting balance on the legs.      
  • Eagle Pose – Garurasana (Sanskrit) – Standing posture -- This is a posture of serpent standing. Stand with the right leg and wrap the left leg above on it.  Touch the right side of your cheek by the palm of your left hand and wrap the right hand on it.                 
  • Standing Head to Knee – Dandayamana-Janushirasana (Sanskrit) – Standing posture -- Stand by the left leg and stretch the left leg and then catch the toe of the right leg by the right hand. Touch the knee of the right leg by your nose.
  • Standing Bow Pose – Dandayamana-Dhanurasana (Sanskrit) – Standing posture -- Stand by the right leg catch the toe of the left leg by the left hand in opposite side and stretch the right hand ahead.  
  • Balancing Stick – Tuladandasana (Sanskrit) – Standing posture -- Stand by the right leg and balance the entire body horizontally.      

However, all 26 postures are popularized but you can do practice of these eight postures in your initial stage of learning. 

The Main Focus of Heat while Practicing Bikram Hot Yoga:

While practicing Bikram Hot Yoga, you need to make sure the temperature of the room should have more than 40 degree Celsius. It is because proper distribution of oxygen to all parts of the body, which enables tissues muscles, glands, and organs to work more effectively.

An Ultimate Yoga

Bikram Hot Yoga is an ultimate yoga as it gives complete relaxation from toe to head. This is usually practiced in studio of 41 degree Celsius hot. So, the entire body gets warmed up completely. If you consistently practice, you can have much benefit from this yoga.