Unwanted Hair Removal Methods and Tips in Bikini Area

It is the process of removing hair from the crotch, front genital area, inside area of the thighs and even the anal region.

When it is time to showcase your beach body, one thing that might cause you a concern would be your bikini hair. It would certainly be embarrassing to wear a beautiful bikini without removing your bikini hair. Unlike the olden days, bikini hair removal is not an annoying, irritating or arduous task anymore.

During the early times, shaving used to be the most popular option, as it can be done in the privacy of one’s home without anyone else’s help. However, the results are short lived, the hair re-growth is coarse and there is the risk of cutting yourself. Today, shaving is the least resort for many. With the help of trained professionals, you can get rid of that unwanted hair using some of the effective methods such as waxing, laser treatment, electrolysis and lotions.

What are the Types of Hair Removal for the Bikini Area?

  • Depending on the area to be cleared out, the processes are classified into four major types.
  • Basic – The hair that shows outside on the top and sides of the classic bikini line is removed.
  • Extended – This extends the basic line further inside the bikini line by an inch and goes until the back. It is also called as the “Natural”, “French” and “semi-Brazilian”.
  • Brazilian – The hair from the perineum, anus, labia and around vagina is removed. A small area (triangle or rectangle) of hair, popularly known as the “landing strip” is left. This method is also known as “Thong”, “Mediterranean” and “Playboy” method.
  • Bare All – All the hair, sparing none, is removed in this method. It is also called as “Hollywood”, “Sphinx”, “Extended Brazilian” and “Full Monty”.

Bikini Hair Removal Tips

  • In most cases, instead of complete bikini hair removal, close trim is recommended as a good alternative. You could use an electric bikini or beard trimmer for this purpose.
  • Waxing is considered the best option for the bikini area. The one caution with waxing is to watch out for the temperature of the wax. Too hot wax can cause serious burns.
  • If you cannot tolerate the pain of waxing, you could use some local anesthetic lotions or take painkillers. Do not resort to alcohol for this.
  • If you are shaving the area, then use an electric shaver and not a blade.
  • If you are using depilatories, it is better to avoid them in the most sensitive areas like inside the bikini line.
  • For a laser or electrolysis bikini hair removal treatment, be sure to pick the most reliable and reputed professional salon.