Extended Bikini Hair Removal Treatment

Most women would be aware of bikini hair removal in general. However, most would not be aware of the fact that there is bikini (extended) hair removal option. In fact, there are different types of bikini hair removal.

Types of Bikini Hair Removal Methods

  • Basic, extended, Brazilian, and Brazilian extended are the 4 major types.
  • Basic bikini hair removal: The most basic bikini hair removal involves removing of hair about two to three inches on the outer surface of the panty (traditional panty) line. No hair from inside the line is removed.
  • Bikini (extended) hair removal: In addition to the basic removal, the hair along the sides of the inner part of the panty line is also removed. The hair on the top part, not including labia, can be removed in this method.
  • Brazilian bikini hair removal: Depending on one’s requirement, one can even have all the hair removed from the front part.
  • Brazilian (extended) bikini hair removal: As an extension to the above, it includes removal of hair from the anal region.

Bikini (extended) Hair Removal

Bikini (extended) hair removal is also called ‘The Natural’ or ‘semi Brazilian’ or ‘French’. With this method, women have plenty of options. They can have just a small area cleared or have the whole top removed or have it trimmed in desired patterns. The most popular option is leaving a landing strip (like in the Brazilian). Whatever may, it gives one the option of personalizing the area.

Bikini Waxing

The most popular hair removal method for the bikini area is waxing. Given the sensitivity of the area where the waxing is done in extended hair removal, it is recommended that this procedure be done at a professional salon. They will have proper preparatory methods to ease the process as much as possible. Some even recommend taking a couple of painkillers to ease the pain.

Before doing the bikini (extended) hair removal procedure, the salons may provide cleaning wipes to clean the area off any perfumes or lotions. Moreover, they give disposable panties for those desiring to keep it modest. After the service, most salons also offer an ‘after-care’ program.


The results of bikini (extended) hair removal will last for 3-6 weeks. It is recommended that the procedure be done every 3-4 weeks. When the procedure is regularly done, the follicles are weakened, hair growth is depressed, and thicker hair becomes finer and softer.