Biblical Garden

Cultivated collections of plants that are named in the Bible is known as Biblical Gardens. Botanical gardens, public parks, and private gardeners maintain and are a type of theme garden. World over these are grown and maintained. One can also find them at diverse places such as Japans Seinan Gakuin University Biblical Botanical Garden to the United States, Missouri Botanical Garden. In the Jewish and Christian scriptures, a list of plants in the Bible mentions certain species.  In areas with different climates, plants that are related to themes in the Bible are also included at times. In order to describe Biblical stories or to portray how people lived in Biblical times, a few gardens show different objects.

History of Biblical GardensBiblical Garden 

Biblical Garden of Eden is still a mystery and is believed that this garden was created by the God.

Design of Biblical Gardens

While designing a Biblical Garden, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. In these gardens as many as possible Biblical species must be planted. During the summer, green house plants can also be incorporated. A separate display of vegetables, spices and herbs, fruits, and so on can be planted. A theme garden can be developed such as desert, woodland, aquatic, and field plants. An appropriate scale must be used between path ways and small beds. This will help the visitors to see the plants properly and also read their labels. In case of large gardens, space must be provided for large number of people to come and watch the plants. Also large clumps of plants can be planted instead of individual plants in big gardens. Some seats can be placed in the garden at a secluded corner for people to meditate, pray and introspect. One can simply enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Architecture of Biblical Gardens

Biblical Gardens must be created while keeping something in mind. Instead of a flight of steps, a gentle slope must be used. A place of tranquility, peace and meditation can be created in the one corner of the garden where some wicker chairs or wooden chairs can be used. A pool can also be used for a good purpose. Taking pool in the centre, biblical plants can be planted around it.