Best Fat Loss Exercises

A lot of people are curious to know the best fat loss exercise that gets them the best outcome in the minimum span of time. Often, the best suggestion they receive is to "diet and exercise". This is a great guideline, but it is rather ambiguous for people who are busy and who cannot spare time to exercise.

Best Fat Loss Exercises

Here are some of the best fat loss exercises that will enable you get rid of excess calories while working out in least possible time. These best fat loss exercises will offer you with a fast way to lose weight as you will be able to work your whole body without spending time in the gym.

All of these best fat loss exercises are meant to shape up your whole body. This will work all of your muscles, which will burn excess calories and in turn enable you burn excess fat. Also, these strength training exercises are an ideal way to add lean muscle mass and provide you with that "toned" look that all the magazine models use to flaunt.


This best fat loss exercise will work your chest while the other parts of your body stay at rest. Push ups can make your upper body part strong. If you aren't habituated with push ups you should always do them initiating from your knees at first. Doing a lot of push ups will be tiring but will assist you develop some nice definition in the upper body.


Squats are also one of the best fat loss exercises and most common lower body exercises. They will actually make your lower body strong and enable you get the look of having "toned" lower limbs (legs). Squats are performed just like sitting down and standing up from a bed, chair or couch. It can be performed with your own bodyweight or by lifting dumbbells to incorporate some extra weight. They are one of the most common and best fat loss exercises for legs that can always enable you getting in better shape.


This exercise is also one of the best fact loss exercises useful for a total body that can be equally challenging. Mountain climbers begin in the same condition as pushups except you alternate stretching each knee inward towards your mid body. You can do mountain climbers slowly to allow the abs work or faster if you want to make it more of a strength/cardiovascular exercise to burn excess calories.


It will help you develop core strength and empower your abs. They are identical to doing pushups except you just lie horizontally facing the ground and lift all your body weight in your forearms and toes. You lift your hips up above the ground and stay in this position for about 30 seconds. You can add an extra benefit by squeezing your gluts and your abs the whole time.


Fusion of squats and overhead dumbbell comprises into one exercise. You squat down and then hold the dumbbells overhead while squatting upward. If you do 25 straight repetitions you will actually feel all the muscles in your body squeezing hard. This is a great fusion of strength training and cardiovascular training into one exercise.


This will really work for your entire lower body. Lunges are almost like squats except that you take a pace ahead while pushing and raising your torso from the ground. Lunges will make your legs strong and will eliminate a lot of calories. If you have never done lunges earlier then you might feel some leg soreness the following day - which is a good sign of muscle building!

Burning as much calories as possible is what best fact loss exercises are all about. You work on more muscles, which burn more calories, which will help you getting more toned and strong muscles without spending hours in the gym. In addition to that, a great nutrition program is also imperative for optimal results, but doing best fat loss exercises for complete body like the ones explained in this article are a great way to initiate when you go do your next workout.

So, the easiest and greatest way to lose weight is to perform total body workouts and follow a smart nutrition program. Next time try to workout try using these best fat loss exercises for total body fat loss in a simpler way!