Tips to Use Best Eye Shdow for Green Eyes and Red Hair

Tips to Use Best Eye Shdow for Green Eyes and Red Hair


Eye Shadow

The eye shadow is a particular type of cosmetic that is used over and around the eyes to draw attention to it. If used well, it can make the persons eyes look much more attractive than without it. Many people use eye shadow on a regular basis. Some others use it occasionally. In most cultures, eye shadow is used by women. However, there have also been instances of use by men and it only appears to be growing.

Eye shadows need to be picked out according to the following:

●     Occasion (party, formal, meeting, casual, daily, one-off)

●     Facial features (size and color of eyes)

●     Hair color (the hair color has a huge impact on how the shades conflict with each other to product the desired effect)

●     Personality types (gothic, subdued)

Eye Shadow for Green Eyes and Red Hair

When picking the right eye shadow, it is necessary to play up the green eyes as they are a key feature. They are probably the feature that you want to show off most about your face. It is first necessary to determine what the occasion is.

●     If it is an informal or party occasion, then the approach would be different. If you are looking for a bold look - it may make sense to use a deep dark color and use it over the top lid alone. That can be quite bold and dramatic. However, if you’re looking to go for a softer and smokier look, it can be achieved by using softer subdued shades of eye shadow over both the lower and the upper lids.

●     If it’s a more traditional and formal event, it can be achieved by using two tones on the upper eyelid. It is recommended that you use a light shade on the lower part of upper eyelid and then use a darker complementary share towards the upper part of the upper eyelid. You can play around with the depth of colors and the range themselves to achieve the right look.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the eye shadows you choose gel well with the shades of all other make up that you use. If they don’t gel well together, you could end up looking very undesirable and less beautiful that you would without any make up.

If you have dark skin in combination with green eyes and red hair, you could consider using darker greens and deeper bronze shades. However, if you have a lighter skin tone along with green eyes and red hair, you will need to use either purple shades or forms of brownish pinks. The color choices will then have to be subdued. 

The colors that are most recommended for a base or for the brow bone are as follows:

●     Purple

●     Green

●     Plum

●     Gold

●     Mauve

●     Burnt colors (browns)

●     Bronze and copper

●     Mocha colors or dark Chocolate

●     Grays with undertones of purple

●     Brown

●     Copper

●     Charcoals with undertones of purple

●     Orange-copper

●     Chilli Pepper

●     Green Yellow