Benefits of Yoga Therapy

The primary idea behind the practice of yoga is to fuse the individual self (Jiva) with the pure consciousness (Brahma). The virtual connotation of Yoga is unification. Combining in this static truth releases the spirit from all sense of separation. Therefore, fundamental to yogic therapy is the concepts of Karma - cause and effect relationship. 

In the present scenario, yoga is one of the most powerful and healthy type of experience to handle the thinking process by transforming psychological and physical power into spiritual energy. Yoga therapy relaxes oneself from the hiked tension. Concentration is catapulted by Yoga. Yoga therapy cures every disease and controls the aging process. 

Benefits of Yoga Therapy 

The most prominent advantage of yoga therapy is physical and mental upheaval. The aging process, which is widely acknowledge as artificial process, is caused primary by autointoxication or self-poisoning, which can be reduced by practicing yoga. 

Physiological Benefits

Physicians and scientists are finding new health benefits of yoga therapy. Studies manifest that it can relieve the signs of several general and potentially life-threatening illnesses like arthritis, arteriosclerosis, fatigue, obesity, asthma, diabetes, AIDS etc.


Studies undertaken at yoga centers in India have suggested impressive success in improving asthma. It has also been tested that asthma attacks can generally be prevented by yoga therapy without taking drugs.

Respiration Problems

Patients who practice yoga have a fairer chance of acquiring the ability to control their breathing disorders. With the help of yogic breathing techniques, it is possible to track an attack of severe shortness of breath without seeking medical help. 

High Blood Pressure

The relaxation and exercise elements of yoga have a prominent role to play in the treatment and prevention of high blood pressure (hypertension). A blend of biofeedback and yogic breathing techniques has been discovered to lower blood pressure and cut down the requirement for high blood pressure drugs in people suffering from it.

Pain Management

Yoga therapy is acknowledged to simmer down the pain by enabling the brain’s pain center regulate the gate-controlling system found in the spinal cord and the release of natural painkillers in the body. 

Back Pain

Back pain is the most general cause to seek medical help. Yoga therapy has been used to cure and cease back pain by enhancing stamina and flexibility. Both acute and long-term stress can result in muscle stiffness and exacerbate back problems.


Yoga`s gentle exercises crafted to provide relief to needed joints had been Yoga`s slow-motion relieves and gentle pressures heals troubled joints. Yoga therapy is practiced as relaxation rolled into one - the ideal anti-arthritis formula.

Weight Reduction

Daily yoga practice can maintain weight management also. The thyroid gland has a great effect on our weight as it influences body metabolism. There are several asanas, like the shoulder stand and the fish posture, which are helpful for the thyroid gland. Yoga deep breathing catapults the oxygen intake to the body muscles, including the fat cells. This leads to increased oxidation or burning up of fat cells.

Psychological Benefits

Regular yoga practice generates mental clarity, increases body awareness, eases chronic stress systems, relaxes the brain, focuses attention and sharpens concentration.


Yoga strives to enhance self-awareness on both at physical and psychological level. Patients learn to induce relaxation and to use the technique whenever pain unearths. 

Mental Performance

A common system facilitated in yoga is breathing through one nostril at a time. The brain has displayed that breathing through one nostril leads to increased activity on the opposite side of the brain. Studies have also manifested that this increased brain activity is linked with better performance and doctors even recommend that yoga therapy can increase cognitive functioning.

Mood Change and Vitality

Mental well being and physical energy are tough to quantify, but actually each one who practice yoga for a consideration period of time registers a positive effect on outlook and energy level. Yogic breathing and stretching activities have been proven to enhance both mental and physical strength and improved mood.

Spiritual Benefits

Once you acquire the yogic spirit, you start realizing yourself. The importance of knowing one’s self and enjoying one’s self is to begin a journey into one’s being.


Anxiety about pride is what yoga eliminates. One who has benefited from yoga therapy may assist his/her friends who are in need. 

But if one is successful in obtaining skill which offers fitness and self-confidence, one may of course catapult his self-esteem just by observing himself living the better life as an achieved fact.


Yogic theory and practice results in enhances self-realization. This knowledge is not just that of the practical kind relating to techniques, but prominently of a spiritual sort relating to grasping something about the discovery of the self at rest.