The Benefits of Yoga Exercises

The Benefits of Yoga Exercises


Yoga exercises are not only about maintaining a sound body and health, the ideal weight and shape, it is about the all-round well-being. Yoga exercises not only promote fitness of the body but also ensure a healthy metabolic rate. Yoga exercises are also good for a healthy body tone, building strength and increasing the flexibility of all body parts.

In our day to day activities we tend to limit our motions to certain joints only; sometimes, this leads to imbalance and unhealthy postures while running, walking and many work activities. This is bad for the health and tends to affect our health over a period of time. Yoga exercises give the body an all-round work-out. The best thing about Yoga is, it can be used in conjunction with other work-out activities like aerobics or the sports of your choice. Yoga exercises also make the body flexible to a great extent which reduces the risk of injury due to incorrect posture or movement of the body. 

Yoga Exercises for Body Fitness and Healthy Bones

Yoga exercises not only promote physical fitness, but take care of the bones as well, which are the basics of our structure and have to be enough strong to bear the weight of our body mass every day.

The Yoga exercises for bones involve the pull of muscles on bones which in turn helps in increasing the density of the bones and supporting them. Thus a healthy skeletal structure is maintained.

Yoga exercises also ensure that you always have a correct posture so that the amount of stress and strain on the bones is always less. This helps the skeletal structure to function optimally and remain healthy.

Yoga Exercises for Fitness and Metabolism

Yoga exercises also help in proper functioning of the endocrine system that is regulated by the thyroid gland; thus, leading to a healthy metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which actions and interactions through chemical reactions in the body convert food and oxygen into energy. A healthy body always means an energy-efficient body, that is to say, the body in which the metabolic system is just perfect.

Balanced and healthy eating habits as well as regular Yoga exercises are a must for metabolic health. We have to remember that, our metabolism is affected by our emotions to a great extent. Yoga exercises are also a great remedy for soothing the mind and attaining the state of calmness from within. Meditation that is related with Yoga and the postures of Yoga help one gain control over his/her mind which in turn influence the metabolic rate. So, directly or indirectly, Yoga exercises are really beneficial for fitness and metabolism.

Yoga exercises help in speeding up a slow metabolism, and slow down the metabolism that is too fast and harmful for the body.

There are Yoga postures that involve the movement of the neck, e.g. the neck rolling on the shoulder that is kept still; - this type of Yoga promotes the toning of the thyroid gland.

Yoga Exercises to Reduce Fat Deposits

The twisting and stretching postures of Yoga exercises help in breaking down layers of excess fat deposits. The Yoga exercises also improve circulation to and from fatty tissue. That means, Yoga exercises are not only for the fat people to reduce their obesity, it is also highly beneficial for the slim people who can practice Yoga for toning their body, and maintain the health and weight.

The cardiovascular exercises associated with Yoga exercises and the postures promote the perfect metabolism that helps in loss of fat from the body. You can also add Yoga exercises to your daily regime in addition to walking, running and swimming.

Yoga exercises like the fire breath are used for slimming and toning of the body, particularly the waistline. This Yoga exercise has a miraculous effect on metabolism by speeding it up, and thus the rate at which fat is broken down in the body is increased. It is also great for an improved blood circulation which leads to a perfect body health and glowing skin tone.