Manganese Citrate Nutritional Supplement

About Manganese citrate

Manganese is a trace mineral. It is found in very low quantities in the human body, mainly in the liver and the kidneys. Though it is present in low quantities in the human body, it is necessary to keep the body healthy and fit.

Manganese is found in nuts, seeds, tea, legumes, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, black pepper, egg yolk, turmeric, seaweed, bananas, strawberry, and raspberry, among others.

People whose diet consists mostly of refined foods can suffer from a deficiency of Manganese. Ingesting Citrate of Manganese or Manganese Citrate may be the best way for the body to make up for this deficiency.

Benefits of Manganese Citrate Supplement

Manganese is required by the body to produce energy. Manganese helps in the growth of bones and cartilage and keeps them strong.

Manganese helps in the formation of collagen that is in turn needed to heal wounds.

Manganese activates enzymes that help the body

  1. Digest and synthesize fatty foods,

  2. Use and absorb nutrients like thiamine, ascorbic acid and vitamin E,

  3. Metabolize carbohydrates and proteins

Manganese is needed for production of sex hormones, fertility, reproductive health, and lactation.

Manganese is used by the body to make an anti-oxidant called Manganese Superoxide Dismutase or MnSoD. MnSoD prevents damage from free radicals that can wreak havoc with the immunity.

Since manganese is best absorbed by the body in the form of manganese citrate, it is recommended that manganese citrate be used to supplement manganese deficiency.

Who can benefit from taking Manganese citrate

People who do not get enough manganese in their body because they are eating highly processed foods regularly and lesser vegetables and fresh foods can benefit from using manganese citrate supplements. Manganese Citrate may help people suffering from osteoporosis, PMS, diabetes, arthritis, and epilepsy.

Side Effects of Manganese citrate Supplement

Extremely high levels of Manganese usage can cause problems like impotence, nervous system disorders, irritability, and hallucination. Manganese citrate consumed as per the RDA, is considered safe.

Dosage of Manganese Citrate Supplement

1.8 – 2.3 mg of manganese citrate per day is considered the right dosage.