Mahonia Grape Nutritional Supplement

Mahonia Grape Info

Mahonia Grape is also known as Oregon-Grape,  Mountain Grape, Oregon Grapeholly, Oregon Barberry, Alegrita, Holly-leaved Barberry, California Barberry, Mountain Holly, Pepperidge, Sourberry, Sowberry, Yellow Root and Oregongrape.

The Mahonia Grape is not really a grape but gets its name from the cluster of its berries that looks like grapes in color and appearance.

It is a wild shrub with leathery leaves, yellow flowers, and red berries. The rhizome and the root of the Mahonia grape are used the most.

Mahonia Grape Supplement Benefits

Herbalists traditionally use Mahonia grape for its medicinal properties.

Extract of the Mahonia grape is used as an anticonvulsant. It also has anti inflammatory and anti fibrillatory properties.

Mahonia grape is useful in the treatment of ulcers, heartburn, stomach problems. It is a bile stimulator, aids digestion and cures constipation. It also stimulates and improves the functioning of the liver and spleen.

Mahonia grape can also be used to improve the appetite, cure aches and pains, reduce fevers, and treat skin problems like psoriasis, eczema and fungal infections.

Mahonia grape can treat acne, conjunctivitis, dysentery, malaria, urinary tract infections and chronic candidiasis.

Who can benefit from taking Mahonia Grape

Mahonia grape extract can be used by anyone who wants to keep his or her body healthy. Diabetics should use Mahonia grape only after consulting with their physician. If you are suffering from hyperthyroid, duodenal ulcer excessive stomach acid or taking medicines containing tetracycline, do not take Mahonia grape.

Pregnant women and women who are nursing should consult their health care advisor before taking any herbs at all.

Side Effects of Mahonia Grape Supplement

Like most of the herbal products, usage of Mahonia grape is relatively safe when used in recommended doses. You could experience redness and / or itching if you go several times over the prescribed dose. You could also experience nose-bleed, skin, eye and kidney irritation, vomiting or lowered blood pressure, again if your dose is very high.

Mahoni Grape Dosage

The dosage varies based on the condition for which Mahonia grape is taken.