Isolase Pro Nutritional Supplement

Isolace pro Info

Isolace pro is a unique enzyme composition for breaking down Soy Isoflavons for consumption as solid in a component of dietary supplements.

Isolace pro Supplement Benefits

Isolase pro has a lot of health benefits. The biochemical action of genesitein was examined by Akiyama who proved that gensitein is an excellent and specific inhibitor of protein tyrosine kinases. The protein tyrosine kinases are used in the prosphorylation of tyrosine. Gensitein inhibits the proliferative growth of a lot of cancer cells in tissue culture and it also inhibits the tumors in animal models of breast cancer and skin cancer. Genasiten is also active against the colonic cancer and also used to treat certain metabolic disorders. Isolase pro is an isoflavone and Isoflavons are known to lower the occurrence of coronary heart disease and it mitigates the effect of hot flashes in postmenopausal woman which is considered safer and more effective.

Who is benefited from Isolace pro

Isolase pro is used basically for increasing the bioavailability of gensitein – an isoflavone. Gensitein has a lot of benefits to human health but only for the people who can produce the enzyme to break down flavones.  So for this reason people with health problems must go through a thorough investigation by their physician.

Isolace pro Supplement Side Effects

Side effects of isolace pro have been reported for few patients. Skin discoloration, depression, blisters were the common problems reported. The side effects were not much related to toxicity and it is also seen that none of the effects were serious and were just normal disorders. However there have been certain cases where the patients have reported a few problems which could have been serious but that was when isolace pro was mixed with other enzymes or materials.

Isolace pro Dosage

Not much has been said about the dosage of isolace pro but it has been highly recommended that isolace pro has to be consumed only by the recommendation or prescription of a medical practitioner. The dose of isolace pro depends upon the enzymes it is mixed with or depending upon the type of the problem for which it is prescribed. However isolace pro is a hydrolysis substance so the quantity of its intake has to be taken special care. The amount to be consumed depends upon the gender.