Inositol Nutritional Supplement

Inositol Facts

Inositol is a chemical compound with the formula C6H12O6 and is a naturally occurring nutrient usually classified as carbocyclic polyol. Inositol is a part of vitamin B complex.

Inositol Supplement Benefits  

Inositol is a very useful nutrient supplement and also has a lot of health benefits. The consumption of Inositol is vital for the growth of hair; it also finds application in the prevention and treatment of cancer. A supplement of Inositol can help to improve nerve conduction velocities in diabetics. Inositol also has the benefit of calming the nervous system and therefore might be a possible treatment for depression and panic attacks. Inositol is a very important nutrient for all cell membranes and is a necessity for proper nerves and brain functioning.

Who is benefited from Inositol

Inositol can be consumed by all consumers except from the people who are suffering from depression or bipolar disorder. There are possibilities of manic episodes to occur. There are not enough details about use of Inositol during pregnancy and breast feeding but it is highly recommended to stay on the safer side and avoid its use. Inositol is advised not to be given to pediatrics, patients having kidney and liver problems and also to geriatrics.

Inositol Supplement Side Effects

There are a few severe or irreversible adverse effects of Inositol which give rise to further complications includes Allergic reactions or Hives.  There are a few other reactions produced by the Inositol include Dizziness, Fatigue, Nausea and Headache. However toxicity is not been reported but it is highly recommended that the people with chronic renal failure must not take Inositol unless under medical supervision. There are chances that Inositol mixed with other drugs to cause a few adverse effects on people. There are a few effects which are rarely seen and a few among them are difficulty in breathing, rash, wheezing, itching or swelling of mouth.

Inositol Supplement Dosage

Most people need not take Inositol as an extra supplement as it is usually consumed with multivitamin supplements. Inositol is found in the materials like nuts, beans, wheat and wheat bran, cantaloupe and oranges are amongst the excellent sources. Medical practitioners usually suggest 500mg of Inositol twice per day. For a few disorders like depression and anxiety can be relieved by consuming Inositol 12-18 grams per day.