Indium Nutritional Supplement

Indium Facts

Indium is a chemical element represented by the symbol In. Indium has an atomic number of 49 and atomic weight of 114.818. Indium is placed at period number 5 and group number 13 in the periodic table.

Indium Supplement Benefits

Indium has a few biological uses. Indium helps increase energy, hormone production and increasing the absorption of the nutrients. Indium also has a few other benefits which include the stimulation of immune system and also preventing aging. It is also believed that Indium is used to provide aid for hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Indium is also considered to improve in older adults and also a increase in mental concentration. Cancer pains (localized) can be reduced by Indium dosage. Irregular menstrual cycle becomes regular by daily or regular dosage. There are a lot of benefits and there are also researches being carried out to get more benefits out of this rare material.

Who can benefit from Indium
There are a few precautions that are to be taken care with Indium. Indium is not to be taken with food nor should it be used on broken skin. It is highly recommended that Indium must not be used by the people of type-1 diabetes which means the people who are completely insulin dependent. Indium is also not to be taken by mouth as it may result in damage to the organs like Kidney, heart and liver. Usage of Indium for inhalation and application may cause irritation. Indium must also not be used by pregnant woman or woman breast-feeding.

Indium Supplement Side Effects

Indium is been successfully tested on a number of people and there is a near 100% assurance that Indium is non-toxic and has no effect on health. However there have been cases where people have suffered a few side effects which include headaches as the most common. There are a few cases in which Indium directly has not affected anyone but with a mixture of Indium with different materials have caused a few side effects.

Indium Supplement Dosage

The dose of indium mainly depends upon the factors like user’s age, health and other factors. For the time being there is no scientific information to say the appropriate range of indium dosage. The pharmacist or physicians provide directions for the usage of Indium depending upon the patients and their demands.