Hawthorn Berry Nutritional Supplement

Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn Berry is a type of shrub and a family member of rose flower plant.

History or Hawthorn Berry Supplement

Accepted as herb, the shrub gives brightly colored red berries, and usually found in Mediterranean regions, although it is also found in other parts across the world.

There are hundreds of different species of this shrub growing worldwide today. Hawthorn Berry has been consumed in Greek culture for centuries to treat multitude of health troubles, and dates back to as early as the first century AD. Native Americans were also familiar with Hawthorn berries and they used this shrub to treat medical conditions such as female problems, diarrhea, and also to heal wounds.  

The herb has earlier been used in Chinese culture to obtain good cardiovascular health and also to treat stomach problems. The berries on this shrub are consumable and have been known to be used in preparing marmalade.

Due to its beauty along with the beneficial properties, the Hawthorn plant is also planted as lawn beautification.

How to Use Hawthorn Berry

To get the benefits of Hawthorn Berry there are supplements available in the market in the shape of caplet as well as tea also.

Benefits of Hawthorn Berry Supplement

Today, Hawthorn Berry is facilitated widely throughout Europe, and is acquiring recognition in other parts of the world also. The Hawthorn Berry has the potential to treat insomnia, used to get protection against heart disease, helps in regulating heart beats, and manifests beneficial antioxidant qualities.

Hawthorn Berry is important in cardiovascular health, because of its ability to enlarge blood vessel and consolidate the heart. Hawthorn Berry also helps in increasing good circulation throughout the body, reduces hypertension, and strengthens structural elements in the body.

Side Effects of Hawthorn Berry Supplement

Side effects pertaining to the use of this herb include vomiting, nausea, fatigue and often low blood pressure also. No drug interactions associated with the use of Hawthorne has yet been found.

The maximum benefits of Hawthorne Berry are obtained from the fiber of the plant. Consumers should keep a track for products containing additives, fillers or other, less used parts of the Hawthorn shrub.