Green Tea Nutritional Supplement

Green Tea Benefits

Green tea is believed to be effective in natural weight loss regime. Besides shedding weight, it also has many other health benefits. Green tea is rich in number of components which are reported to be very beneficial.

Green Tea Benefits in Weight Loss

Green Tea Increases Metabolism: Studies indicates that green tea extract accelerates the metabolic rate by nearly 4%. These effects are witnessed due to the high concentrations of catechin polyphenols available in green tea.

Green Tea Inhibits Fat Absorption and Enables Glucose Regulation: Reports claims that the catechins in green tea assist in inhibiting the absorption of glucose by the fat cells. Green tea also functions as a glucose regulator.

Other Health Benefits of Green Tea

• It assists in protecting skin from ultraviolet rays.

• It increases normal life span.

• It is protective against different cancers.

• It functions as antioxidant in the body.

How to Take Green Tea

It is advisable to take 3–5 cups of green tea every day to shed weight. It can burn 70 calories extra pounds each day.

Side Effects of Green Tea Supplement

Allergy to Caffeine – If you are allergic to caffeine, ensure that you try out green tea in smaller quantities. Majority of people who are highly sensitive may feel slightly shaky. Heart rate and blood pressure can increase also. Try larger quantity of green tea only when your body gets used to the caffeine components found in the green tea.

Inability to Sleep – This is a fair warning than a potential side effect. As caffeine is an energy booster. Depending on the quantity, it’s advisable not to consume green tea if you’re planning to catch some sound sleep within 6-8 hours.

In addition, just be alert when you first begin taking green tea. It is recommended not to overdo it and allow your body to get used to taking something new in good quantity. Green tea can definitely bring you closer to where you desire to be, weight-wise and beyond but with some mild side effects.