Diindolyl Methane Nutritional Supplement

About Diindolyl Methane

Diindolyl methane, also called Dindolyl methane is an anticarcinogen formed by the digestion of Indole 3 Carbinol. It is mainly found in Brassica vegetables like cauliflower, collard greens and broccoli. Brassica vegetables, well known for their medicinal activities are mostly because of the activities of Dindolyl methane. Dindolyl methane is under various clinical researches for its anticancer actions.

Benefits of Diindolyl Methane Supplement

Dindolyl methane has anti-viral properties. Researchers are now trying to investigate the use of Dindolyl methane, as a cure of viral and bacterial infections which includes HIV, Hepatitis, Influenza, HPV and antibiotic resistant bacteria. There are also researches that are being made in the use of Dindolyl methane for immune deficiency conditions, dermatological conditions and multiple forms of cancer including breast, prostate, lung, colon, skin and cervical. However, now the researchers are planning to make Dindolyl methane as an adjacent therapeutic to Taxol to reduce patient resistance. Dindolyl methane has also found applications in good metabolism amongst males and woman.It helps in maintaining hormonal balance. Dindolyl methane helps improves estrogen metabolism which results in effective weight training.

Who are benefited

Dindolyl methane is not considered safe if the patient is suffering from liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis or liver failure), kidney diseases (kidney failure) and allergies (allergy to foods, dyes and preservatives). Any pregnant women or breast feeding mother must take care and consult the doctor.

Side Effects of Diindolyl Methane Supplement

Dindolyl methane is non toxic and is present in its natural form in vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower and easily digestible. Case reports from individuals have not submitted any kind of side effect and it is largely considered safe. Though Dindolyl methane is a natural product it cannot be considered free of side effects.Any thing in excess without consultation will have side effects.

Dosage of Diindolyl Methane Supplement

Dindolyl methane is mostly prescribed by health-care providers depending upon the dose-range studies . Since Dindolyl methane is a dietary supplement, people usually consume it without proper prescription. In case of chronic health problems it becomes mandatory to consult the health-care provider before consumption of Dindolyl methane.