Chromium Nicotinate Nutritional Supplement

Chromium Nicotinate Info

Chromium Nicotinate is the scientific name of chromium polynicoticate or chromium picolinate. It is more commonly known as a form of vitamin B3. It was discovered in France in 1790s but it was only during 1960s, it was recognized as a trace element. Nicotinate is a mineral responsible for the regulation of glucose inside the human body. It is responsible for the level of glucose levels inside the human body. Human body requires only a minimum amount of chromium Nicotinate. Excess intake of refined sugar decreases the level of chromium whereas exercises increase the level of chromium inside the body. The person may have diabetes on the basis of the level of chromium Nicotinate. Chromium Nicotinate is found in a wide variety of products. For those who are vegetarian, the best sources of chromium for them are brown rice, cereals, cheese, nuts, potatoes, corn oil, black pepper, peas, etc and for those who are non-vegetarian, they can have meat, shellfish, legumes, etc for chromium.

Chromium Nicotinate Supplement Benefits 

For a better health and long life, levels of Chromium Nicotinate are very crucial. Especially for those who are having diabetes, they should be more careful. Chromium Nicotinate regulates the level of glucose inside the body and also regulates the release of insulin from the body. It helps to maintain the cardio vascular system. If taken according to the prescribed levels of chromium, it helps in the prevention of acne.
Who are benefited from Chromium Nicotinate

Those who are having diabetes should consult their doctor for the required level of chromium intake. It also helps in efficient metabolism of fat.

Chromium Nicotinate Supplement Side effects  

Generally, there is no apparent side affect due to high intake of chromium Nicotinate. But care should be taken to maintain the minimum required levels of chromium inside the human body. Low levels and high levels both are not good for the body. High intake of chromium may result in kidney and liver damages whereas; very low intake affects the cardio vascular system. The level of chromium decreases as the person gets older and older.

Chromium Nicotinate Supplement Dosage

The generally prescribed level of Chromium Nicotinate is around 200-400 mcg per day. If taken with water and food, it helps to avoid gastric problems and decreases stomach irritation. Those who are already having high levels of chromium inside their body {persons who are having diabetes}, should consult their respective doctors for the required level of Chromium Nicotinate for the body.