Before and After Circumcision Surgery

Precautions Before Circumcision

There is nothing in particular that you need to follow before undergoing circumcision. The only thing to be careful is to take good care of the circumcised penis. Below are a few guidelines to take precautions before and after circumcision.

Precautions before circumcision include:-

Hygiene- Hygiene is an important thing that you need to take care of before the surgery. You should take a shower and pay a lot of attention to keeping your genitals clean.  If possible, retract your foreskin and try to clean it as well. Do empty your bowels and bladder before you go for your surgery.

Alcohol- Another thing that you need to bear in mind is that you should desist from consuming alcohol  prior to and after the surgery. This alcohol will dehydrate the body and make the anesthetic less effective.

Pubic Hair- All you can do is just trim the pubic hair short. This will prevent the hair from getting stuck to the bandage.

Precautions After Circumcision

After the circumcision is done, the penis gets swollen. It is a normal thing but you still need to follow a few precautions after the surgery.

Precautions after circumcision include:-

Underwear- If you are used to wearing boxers regularly, then you may not feel comfortable wearing them after the surgery. Opt for other briefs that give support to the penis and reduce friction.

Bandage- The bandage is wrapped near the area of the cut and wrapped firmly around the penis. It helps in reducing the swelling as well as protecting the wound. Do remember that 4-5 days after the surgery is done, it’s the ideal time to change the bandage. You should not apply any antiseptic cream or solution on the cut as this would result in slow healing.

Stitches- Also, you have to sterilize a pair of scissors in an antiseptic solution. Be careful while cleaning the wound. Make sure you get the stitches removed two weeks after the surgery though they may get dissolved. 

Erections- To bring down the erections, pull out the stitches and make sure you empty your bladder before going to bed. Avoid lying on your back or side for long. Fold your knees and try to sleep.

Sex- Make sure your circumcision is healed completely and then have sex. This would take about six weeks to heal completely.

Circumcision- Recovery

After the circumcision is performed, it takes about six weeks for it to heal completely. During the six weeks, take precautions so that the penis doesn’t get injured and recovers fast.

Keep the above precautions of before and after circumcision in mind so that it’s like a guide for a quick recovery. Avoid the penis from too much friction and you can also use a condom as it would help in keeping it steady. Use the condom whenever having a penetrative sex as this would give more time for the scar to heal. The scare line would take at least two to three months  time to get faded away completely.

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