Beer Garden

The concept of beer garden is age old. Any open area where beer as well as other drinks is served is known as a Beer Garden. Here local food is also served along with the drinks. An open-air area where beer, other drinks and local food are served is known as Beer Garden. This garden is commonly seen in South Germany and its origin can be traced back to Germany. This garden is attached to a public house or a beer hall or any other drinking establishment. It can serve a large number of people at a given point of time.

History of Beer Gardens

The concept of beer garden came into being in the 19th century in Germany during the Bavaria Kingdom. During this time dark lager beer was used predominantly. It was supposed to have been brewed during the cold months, according to a decree by King Ludwig I since fermentation was required to be between temperatures 4 and 8 degrees.

After some time, for the purpose of serving beer, the beer cellars were used. “Beer Gardens” were created by setting up simple tables and benches under the shade of trees. They were very popular among Munich citizens.

Design of Beer Gardens

A comfortable area is chosen for Beer Garden where there is enough shade of trees. Rustic tables and chairs can be put up to give an exotic feel to the place. Upright chairs or stools can also be used. Beer Garden can be designed and decorated using half barrels or casks as planters. A wooden framed cooler can be constructed to store beers.

German Beer steins can also be used to decorate Beer Garden. The steins that are used can be in various colors and patterns and they are not very costly also. It gives a different ambience to the place.

Architecture of Beer Garden

A large front garden can be used for Beer Garden. A relatively cheaper version of timber frame can be used having glazed surface. At some places interesting saw-cut lattice work can also be used. Beer Garden basically uses simple furniture like tables, chairs, stools, upturned casks, etc to impart an informal feel to the place.

The concept of Beer Gardens can still be seen at many places.