Beauty Tips No Makeup

Beauty Tips No Makeup

In today’s fast-paced life and culture, it’s hard to find women without wearing any makeup. From your next-door neighbor to big-name celebrities such as Angelina Jolie or Madonna all are wearing it. But there are much better options to wearing makeup which if everyone will discard the global need for makeup. Why do people wear makeup - to look more attractive to others? In addition, make up also improves your self-esteem. Let’s have a list of methods that will make you look attractive without using fashion or makeup.

Beauty Tips-No Makeup

Accept Who You Are

One of the most prominent tips to achieving beauty without make up is to accept your look out for the way it is.

Beauty Tips-No Makeup Alternatives

Highlight Your Best Features

First view your face with a generous eye and ascertain the parts that are your assets. After deciding that perhaps your eyes are your best part, use them to greater effect. Gaze directly at people while talking to them, keep changing spectacles for contacts, also keep changing your hairstyle to enhance your eyes instead of hiding them. For those who are gifted with long lashes, tinting is a permanent alternative to mascara. Some parlors now also offer eyelashes perming, to make your lashes gently curled without mascara.

Flaunt a Great Smile

An instant free face lift can be acquired in one simple smile! Many faces naturally turn down around the mouth, specifically if teeth are missing, and if you have a long face, those lines will make it appear longer. Smiles are infectious, they leave people mesmerized, and someone who seems to be happy is far more gorgeous than someone who appears sad.

Develop Confidence

Instead of just grinning for the sake of it, try to think of those little things that actually make you happy, like a child's laugh, chirp of birds, bubbles, or humming your favorite song in your head; the smile will come out naturally, and you won’t look like a politician at a photo session. Confidence can be a difficult quality to find when you don't feel that you look your best. In this case stand and walk tall, keep your head upright and try to feel confident and purposeful. You will make turn heads as you walk past, so smile as you catch a person's eye and experience what effect it has.

Keep Walking

For healthy looking, glowing texture, try walking a little faster than your normal speed. The extra calories you cut down, will enable you smile confidently.

Exercise Daily

Humans did not evolve by sitting in a car for many hours everyday in traffic or drooping in an office chair for 8 hours regularly. They evolved and survived by relying on their own two feet for a considerable amount of time everyday. Our bodies are meant to work. So if you exercise regularly you will tone up and tighten your body, you can only dream about a well toned, fit body with a clean skin and face and burning the baby fat is what you actually require to look great.

Exercise Outdoors

Try to multitask by getting exposed to sun while you workout outdoors. Go for a brisk jog outside with an mp3 player. Or you can also jog on the beach, or swim in the club pool. Playing tennis is also great if you have a partner to enjoy this game. Yes, walking also works! And another side effect of a good tan is acne which is developed extremely well. Just don’t forget to apply sun-tan if you are going outdoors.

Eat Healthy

Since the current society in America relishes eating unhealthy processed foods, most people are not aware that it is in fact one of the primary causes of acne. If you don’t eat healthy, your body’s hormones will not be in balance. If your hormones aren’t in balance it will develop acne! So avoid eating fast-food and start incorporating some raw fruits and vegetables with some fish also.

Drink Sufficient Water

If you have trouble skin, try to detect anything in your diet that could be triggering the issue. Drink plenty of water, ex-foliate and moisturize daily but use products complementing your skin type and don't be carried away by price alone. Expensive is not always ideal when it comes to beauty.

Rest More

Baggy eyes are a normal cause for people to fall on makeup to hide it. You need to make up your mind in terms of following the right healthy life. If you get more rest everyday, then your eyes will come back to their natural condition and you won’t need this mask of makeup which hides your dying body.