Beauty Tips for Neck

Beauty Tips for Neck

Most women care enough about their facial skin but always neglect the part when it comes to beauty tips for neck. It is however a fact that dust, sweat, pollution, germs, and bacteria settle in larger amounts and get deposited there more as compared to the face. In a way, the neck remains the most neglected part of the body, while the truth is that, the neck is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. We only spot it when it is too late and signs of aging have already set in.

The beauty regime of most women terminates at the chin. That is a bad practice no doubt. You don’t want to get one youthful face seated on a sagging and aged neck, do you? To prevent this, the neck should be taken enough care of, cleansed and moisturized amply just like the face.
There are a lot of beauty tips for neck to make the beauty care of the neck much easier. Even at your home, you can find most of the ingredients.

  • If you are having oily skin, buttermilk is going to be an excellent cleanser for the neck.
  • Milk and rosewater is also a natural cleanser for the face and neck.
  • Rub half a slice of tomato over your face and neck. Wash after 15-20 minutes.
  • If the skin tone is markedly different between your face and neck, try applying lemon and turmeric paste on the neck for a few weeks.
  • Rub a piece of cotton wool soaked in cold raw milk on the face and neck gently in circular and upward strokes. Leave for about 15 minutes and then wash with cold water. It is an age-old beauty tip for neck.
  • While sun bathing, you have to be cautious about the neck, as the neck is more prone to tanning than the other parts of the body. Use a wide-rimmed hand and high factor sun block cream to protect it from direct exposure to sun.
  • Don’t put the perfume on the same area of the neck daily. You can notice in the change in colour of the skin after a few days where you have been applying perfume for long.

More Daily Beauty Tips for Neck:

    • Everyday do that little exercise for your shoulder and neck. This is the best way for a healthy, slender and beautiful neck. Stretch the neck forward and backward. Rotate clockwise the neck and the head, and then anti-clockwise. You can do these exercises even during watching television, between the commercial breaks. These three minutes of exercise will make a lot of difference.  You can also do yogas or pilates that will be beneficial for your neck.
    • While sitting maintain a correct posture. The neck should be kept straight while sitting.
    • While applying facial masks or cream on your face, don’t forget the neck.
    • After coming back to home, rub your face and neck with an ice cube. Though it is an easy beauty tip for neck, it helps in soothing the skin and to reduce the tan.
    • With a skin cream or nourishing oil, massage your neck with downward strokes before going to bed. You can use essential oils like almond oil and olive oil.
    • Use soft and low pillows while sleeping to maintain better alignment of the body and the neck.