Beauty Tips for Teenagers

Beauty Tips for Teenagers

Every teen is enthusiastic about looking good, especially in their teens. Girls and boys are very conscious about how they look and try different brands and products to enhance their beauty. Though teens should avoid using a lot of makeup because their skin is very sensitive and they are more prone to acne and other skin diseases. Below are a few beauty tips that every teen can follow to look great.

Beauty Tips for Teenagers

Avoid Foundation- If you have an oily skin and are prone to acne, then foundation is the last thing to use. Foundation is meant for women who are in their thirties. Using foundation will ruin your natural beauty and innocence. A better substitute to foundation is concealer which will cover dark circles and blemishes. After applying the concealer, dab some tinted moisturizer to smoothen your face.

Never Rub The Concealer- One important rule while using concealer is to pat it and not rub it on the face. Put a few drops of liquid concealer on your finger tips and pat it gently on your face.

Highlight Your Lips or Eyes- This tip is to balance your makeup. Either you highlight your eyes or lips but never both. If you want to play up your eyes with heavy makeup then you need to apply some lip gloss. Try to keep the makeup as light as possible and use a light shade of eye shadow with a coat of mascara. Another rule is that never outline your lips with a dark lip liner if you are wearing a lip gloss.

Lighter The Better- Makeup always looks good when it is light. You would have seen a few of your friends look very good with less makeup. Always remember that excess makeup can make you look ugly. Any of the following: mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation, lip liner and lip gloss if applied everyday is definitely too much. Avoid wearing everything at the same time. For an everyday look you can wear concealer, gloss and mascara that will make you look great.

Natural Hairstyle- A natural hairstyle looks great. If you have dark hair then just go for highlights. So, go for one shade and that looks sober and yet stylish. Many teenagers are seen with flashy hair colors and hairstyles. 

‘Vaseline’ Always Handy- Vaseline is the best way to remove your makeup. It also helps to fix rough and chapped lips. Take some Vaseline on a cotton pad and clean your makeup. It will leave your skin soft and smooth.

Invest in Key Makeup Products- If you are confused about what kind of makeup products you should invest on, then don’t worry. Spend on concealer, mascara, cleansers and lip gloss. These are your everyday makeup products.

Foundation or Lipstick- The key rule is to test the makeup products before buying it. Be well aware of the makeup products and brands you are using. The products include lipsticks, powder, blush and foundation. By this you would understand what suits you the best.