Beauty Skin Care Tips

Beauty Skin Care Tips

'Hey you look gorgeous' is something every woman loves to hear irrespective of her age. Most of us think that looking good is not on our plate and go on as life take us till a day when we start fretting ' Oh I look older than my age'. But some very simple tips followed faithfully, can make your skin look young and healthy forever and believe me it won't take much time. 

Here is some skin care tips that will help you to get noticed by everyone; try these out and surprise yourself.

Daily Skin Care

There are a few skin care measures that you should follow daily if you want a healthy looking, glowing and young skin. Daily cleansing, toning and moisturising of the skin can help you to have a healthy skin for years. This helps you to remove the dirt and all the dead skin cells, and keep the pores open and breathing. Moisturising your face and hand after getting up and before going to bed can prevent drying up of the skin and hence keep away, wrinkles, flakiness and dull looking skin.
Applying sunscreen is another thing which should be followed by each and every one as it is the UV rays from the sun that causes most of the skin problems like dark spots, blemishes, patchy skin and fine lines on the skin. Sunscreens not just keep away skin problems; it even reduces the chance of getting skin diseases and skin cancer.
Similarly another important thing to keep in mind is to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily and to include lots of fresh fruits and raw vegetables in the diet. Eating fish rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid, including green tea and olive oil in the diet can also do wonders to your skin.

Once in a week

Cleansing the skin and using a face wash can remove the dirt particles clogging up the pores in the skin but it cannot completely remove the dead skin so you can use a gentle scrub on your face once in a week to get a completely clean skin. This helps to exfoliate the skin and to remove off any little dirt or dead skin to give you a fresh and clean feeling. Remember to apply a good moisturiser after you use the scrub as scrubbing usually leaves your skin dry. If you don’t prefer the scrub available in the market, you can add a bit of sugar into your daily face wash and clean your face in rotating motion; this too can be a very good exfoliating agent.
You can also use a vegetable or fruit face mask prepared by using papaya, banana, potato, or orange and honey mix once in a week so keep it glowing and supple. Your selection of mask can depend on your skin type; use a clay mask if you are having a oily skin and a hydrating vegetable mask if you have dry skin.
You can also give your face a very gentle massage once a week to relieve the tensed muscles on your face, a good massage not just helps to relive the muscle, it also helps to flush off the toxins accumulating under the skin and to improve the blood circulation.

Once in a month

After you step into your twenties you can visit a skin care expert or a dermatologist to recommend a good facial treatment and mask for your skin. You can get to the salon and treat yourself to a good facial treatment that helps you to rejuvenate the skin cells and to even help you to feel good. These once a month sitting with the expert can give you a face lift effect and make you look and feel good. But don’t go with the same skin facial treatment forever; as you age, the requirement of your skin and the skin type will have a slight change so you should plan what treatment you ought to have at each age. You can choose from different procedures available at the salon, try skin polishing and micro dermaberation once in a month and feel confident on the way you look.
Take care of yourself with these skin care tips and just watch you get more beautiful and glowing as days pass by. A well cared of skin can lock your age and keep wrinkles and spots at bay.