Darkening a Beauty Mark with Cosmetics

Darkening a Beauty Mark with Cosmetics


Beauty marks have been considered to make a woman more beautiful than she already is. Women who are born with beauty marks on their faces are also considered to be more desirable by society in general. Either creating or darkening an existing mark with the use of any kind of make up or cosmetics are a very easy way to make one self look much more glamorous and distinctive from the others.

Celebrities who have Darkened a Beauty Mark with Cosmetics

Many of the following women have natural beauty marks but also do spend some time in accentuating it. They are all considered to be glamorous and extremely beautiful:

●     Cindy Crawford

●     Marilyn Monroe

●     Madonna

●     Marie Osmond

●     Goldie Hawn

●     Molly Sims

●     Jessica Alba

●     Janet Jackson

●     Kate Winslet

●     Charlize Theron

●     Gloria Estefan

Having role models with such a distinctive face has led other women to also want to create and accentuate their own beauty marks. While women don’t spend as much time on it as they do on make up, they would definitely like this for special occasions or for times when they would like to feel extra special and glamorous.

The Beauty Mark and Associated Make Up

Darkening the beauty mark with some form of make up can make a huge difference to a person’s face. Depending on where it is placed, it can be made to look more dramatic or even more simpler, using subtle techniques. Either way, you can be assured that you will end up drawing more attention than you would have otherwise done.

Most women use some make up at least in order to bring out their natural beauty. There are many different things women do - accentuate their lips or their eyes or their cheeks. However, when it comes to accentuating a beauty spot, it can be tricky. Depending on where your beauty spot is placed on your face, you will need to then tailor your make up to accentuate it further and not to play it down or make your face look too crowded.

If your beauty mark is on your cheeks, or near your lips or maybe near your eyes, you will need to use make up to bring out the best of the nearest features. You will need to draw attention to the nearest area. That way, it will work in your favour the effect of darkening the beauty spot will be doubled.

Drawing the Beauty Mark

It is essential that you first asses what color you’d like to accentuate your beauty mark in It could be either of the following colors:

●     Jet black

●     Deep burnt Sienna

●     Dark Brown

●     Deep charcoal

●     Dark Gray

It is best to determine the color of the mark based on the color of the hair. That is usually a safe guide to use to ensure that the mark doesn’t look unnatural.

The best make up to use to darken the beauty spot would be to use any eye make up. You could use the liquid form or the solid form.