Beauty Care Tips



Beauty is considered to be that very characteristic of an idea, object, place, animal or person that may provide a perceptual experience of some form of satisfaction, meaning or pleasure. The streams of sociology, culture, social psychology and aesthetics study the concept of beauty. When some form or entity is greatly admired or happens to possess those features that are usually and almost always attributed to the form of beauty in a particular culture or society, they are then considered to be ‘ideal beauty.’

Human Beauty

Usually a person is characterized as ‘beautiful’ only when they are both beautiful from the inside and from the outside. When you are talking about ‘inner beauty,’ it refers particularly to traits in the personality, grace, intelligence, elegance, integrity and politeness of the person. As far as outer beauty is concerned, it refers to the traits of facial symmetry, complexion of skin, physical health and of course, youthfulness.

Most often when the term beautiful or the word beauty itself is used, it is referred to women. Women are widely considered to be the more beautiful of the two genders, and some women are more so than others.

Top Beauty Secrets

Beauty secrets are widely sought after, given that society does put a lot of pressure for women to look pretty and beautiful to be accepted by their own peer group or the opposite sex. Either way, looking beautiful or feeling beautiful can do wonders for a woman’s confidence. Following are the top three beauty secrets:

  • Beauty is Internal: Being confident and loving yourself is the most important trick to looking and feeling beautiful. If you are happy and are satisfied with your life, it shows that you are likely to look way prettier than the hottest girl sitting next to you. This also probably explains who some of the average looking girls are able to be around people who are considered to be hotter or better looking than from their own group.
  • Play up your best facial features: You need to identify which your best features are and then play them up. Playing up all features or playing up the wrong features can work against you. So the key is to find your best feature. If your best feature is your eyes, you should use makeup or accessories to draw attention to them and subdue your other features. Similarly, if your best feature is your lips, you should use some attractive gloss or lipstick to draw attention to it.
  • Your Hair: It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have as long as you can wear it well. If you have straight hair, there are many interesting quick dos that you can pick up. However, if you have curly hair, it may take longer and may require much more effort. Nevertheless, spending time on your hair to ensure that you have the right hair cut and style for your face is important and many people tend to notice this first.