Pedicure Tips for Beautiful Feet

Clean and good feet always catch attention. As long as a person’s feet are clean, any pair of footwear looks good. It is very important to take care of your feet as your feet are the ones to support your body and bear your weight. Many people give more importance to face, hands or the body but neglect the feet.
If you are one of those people, then it’s time for you to pamper your feet and take care of them. Below are a few pedicure tips that can help you have soft and clean feet.

Pedicure Tips

Tip 1- With the help of a nail polish remover; take off the nail polish from toe nails.
Tip 2- Take a foot tub and fill it with warm water. Add a spoon full of bath salts and one tablespoon of olive oil.
Tip 3- The body salts help in making the dry skin and calluses soft while the olive oil keeps the skin moist. The feet has to be soaked for 15 minutes in the water.
Tip 4- Take an exfoliating scrub and gently rub the heels of feet with it. Now wash your feet with cool water. With a pumice stone, gently rub and remove the dead skin. This will take off the dead skin and make your feet smooth. Avoid using callus razor which is meant to shave the dry skin as this can lead to foot infections.
Tip 5- Next step is to dry your feet with a soft towel.
Tip 6- Now with the help of a nail cutter trim your toe nails. With the help of an orange stick push back the cuticles. Do not cut the cuticles as they protect from any bacterial infection.
Tip 7- Take some cream or lotion and massage your feet with it. Gently massage in between your toes, toenails and heels of your feet.
Tip 8- Once your feet dry; apply a nice shade of nail polish on your toenails. Allow the nail polish to dry.
Tip 9- You can also apply a clear nail polish to prevent the nails from chipping.
Tip 10- If there is any nail polish color around your toe; clean it with a Q-tip that is dipped in nail polish remover.
Tip 11- Allow it to dry for 25-30 minutes so that the nail polish does not get smudged.

Follow the above pedicure tips to have beautiful and lustrous toe nails. If you want your feet to remain soft and clean for a long time then, before sleeping apply some moisturizer and cover your feet with socks. If you also want your pedicure to last for a longer time, apply a coat of nail polish after 2-3 days of your pedicure. Always massage your feet with a foot cream or lotion to keep them soft.

The above pedicure tips are very helpful to keep your feet clean and hygienic. Seeing a person’s feet, a lot can be said about the person. So, create a good impression by taking care of your feet.