Basic Yoga Poses

Basic Yoga Poses

Yoga originated in India. It teaches an individual to keep their physical and mental self healthy. Attaining mastery in yoga is difficult. It needs consistent practice and dedication. For beginners, there are certain basic yoga poses which are helpful in bringing the required flexibility in the individual.

Savasana Yoga or the Corpse Pose

One has to lie in a supine position on a mat on the floor. Legs have to be a little apart from each other and hands should be little away from the body. Head can be kept as one feels comfortable. This is usually done at the end of a yoga session but, an individual can do this pose if he or she wants to relax.  

Yoga Padmasana

One should sit on the mat and both legs should spread forward. Then, you must bend the right leg such that the right foot rests comfortably on the left thigh. Same should be followed for the left leg. Knees should be on the ground and toes pointed upward. Both hands should be on the knees with gyan mudra position.  

Tadasana Yoga

One should stand straight with their feet straight. While breathing in, hands should be clasped and raised upwards. Simultaneously, one has to raise the toes. While exhaling, bring down the toes and hands as well. This helps increase height and lets you stretch the body. 

Pawanmuktasana Posture

Lie on the back in supine position with legs straight and hands aligned to the body. Inhale and get both legs towards the chest and clasp both the knees with hands in such a way so that knees press the stomach. Release the legs while exhaling and go back to the first position. 

Bhujangasana Yoga

Lie on the stomach with legs straight and toes pointed. Palms should be resting flat besides the chest. Slant the head a little backwards. While inhaling, raise your head till your stomach so that it no longer touchs the ground and look upwards. While exhaling, go back to the original position. This helps to keep a good spine.