Bariatric Surgery Precautions

Bariatric surgery is a process in which obese patients come to cut down their weight to look slim and smart. It is a process in which the stomach of the patient is made small as the size of an egg so that his stomach should not absorb more calories and fat that is not necessary for the body. There are several methods through which patient’s stomach is reduced. It is getting very popular now days because today’s generations are more prone towards junky and fatty food material which gives only fat and calories. We can easily find obese children and youngster as compared to older people.

Bariatric Surgery Precautions 

Before Bariatric Surgery

  1. Patients should have to quit the habit of smoking as after the surgery patient may get some infection which may cause problems in recovery.
  2. Patients should know very well that what type of medication will suit him. As there are many fraud cases where hospitals charge the amount for full medication but treatment is given only for half of the amount. 
  3. Before the surgery, doctor gives general anaesthesia to the patient, so he should avoid eating or drinking an hour prior to the operation. 
  4. Patient should tell the doctor if he is allergic to anaesthesia, so, according to that, the doctor will treat the patient.

After Bariatric Surgery

  1. After the surgery, the patient should tell the doctor if he is allergic to particular type of food, medicines, etc.  
  2. After the surgery there will be physical changes in the body of the patient. After the surgery, he has to follow some dietary plan to maintain himself. The patient will have to change his life style and eating habits.
  3. While eating food, patients should take care that he should chew his food properly before he swallows. 
  4. Avoid drinking water while having food because it increases possibility of vomiting or stuffiness.
  5. Avoid having sweets, deserts and a chocolate as these articles contains lots of calories which is not good for the body.
  6. Avoid cold drinks, milk shakes and other high calorie drinks as these will ruin all the efforts of the surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Recovery

The recovery process is not fast because it takes some time for the body to adjust with the new and small stomach. Sometimes, the patient feels weak as important nutrients are not able to be absorbed because of the small stomach; therefore, the doctor keeps the patient under his observation for some time. In the case of an open surgery, the patient takes 6 weeks time for recovery, while in laparoscopic gastric bypass, it only takes some days and patient can again go back to work.

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