Barbara Benagh Interview

Barbara Benagh Interview

Barbara Benagh started yoga to improve her health. But, it turned into a full-fledged career for her as she became a very well known yoga instructor. She takes yoga classes in The Yoga Studio in Boston and also conducts workshops at many places. In an interview with Barbara Benagh, she highlighted many points on the benefits of yoga and how yoga helped her.

The Beginning

In her interview, she mentioned that she started yoga to reduce her excess weight in 1973 when yoga had not become a fad in the west. She fell in love with yoga and continued doing it. Today, she is a yoga teacher and instructor due to persistence and dedication. 

Barbara Benagh Style of Teaching

Very few would know this but yoga has different styles of practicing. Benagh learnt the Iyengar method. She continued it for 10-12 years and then explored new ways of yoga- ones which focus more on the asanas.  

Barbara Benagh Yoga and Breathing Helps

Barbara Benagh owes her life to yoga. She had a near death experience because of her asthma. Ever since, she dedicated heself to yoga and her asthma never troubled her. Her respiratory problems have been under control since she started yoga. Though she still has asthma, she does not face a lot of trouble as she used to face before. She recommends to all the people who are on medications for their respiratory problems to continue with them till they feel free of getting rid of them. But, she believes if they start yoga, it would help them stay fitter.

Barbara Benagh Optimism

Another topic she covered in her interview was that of optimism. According to Benagh, an individual who does yoga is bestowed with lots of optimism and brightness in life. This optimism changes a person views about his problems. Optimism helps Barbara to stay calm when she has had an asthma attack. 

Future, Training and Workshops

She would continue doing her training and workshops as she was doing then. She has also introduced CDs and books in the market which would help propagate yoga for the betterment of human health.