Baldness Diet

To most people, the hair they have is very important. People concern a lot on how their hair makes them look better. No one wants to lose hair and become bald but improper diet can lead to baldness.

The American Diet Causes Baldness

This may come as a surprise to many but the typical American diet is believed to be a major cause of baldness.

The process of baldness is explained as follows: The common American diet is high in animal protein and salt. This affects the kidneys which results in the creation of acidic blood which in turn leads to hair loss.

Another aspect of the American diet is that it usually has low levels of vitamins. This vitamin deficiency leads to hair loss as the hair needs vitamins as part of its nourishment requirements.

Baldness Diet

  • It is possible to keep baldness at bay to some extent by following appropriate “baldness diet”
  • Do not consume excessive quantities of animal proteins, salt and animal fats. This could help to delay loss of hair in men who are in the baldness-prone health group.
  • Reduction in consumption of animal products is thought to reduce the chances of balding. It has been observed that in Japan, the diet is today more Westernized and fatty. Hence, Male baldness has become more common today in Japan.
  • Consumption of certain natural dietary supplements like tocotrienol, a vitamin E extract is thought to be beneficial and can reduce the effects of balding.
  • A good diet for keeping hair nourished and healthy is eating lots of fruit, vegetables and grains.
  • It is also important to consume foods which are rich in calcium, iron and silica. Leafy, sea vegetables are good as they contain high levels of minerals which are good for preventing baldness. Oats are a good source of silica, cherry juice and dried fruits that is rich in iron.
  • Hair loss can also mean that there is some problem in the gastrointestinal tract. It usually indicates deficiency in production of stomach acids. This could be due to a zinc deficiency or lack of protein or other nutrients. This can be counteracted by taking two acidophilus tablets twice daily for a couple of months.
  • Anemia is another common cause of baldness. For a baldness diet, one should eat foods rich in iron, dates, eggs and raisins.
  • Brewer’s yeast, calf liver and wheat germ are good for boosting hair growth.


If you follow the above diet it should be possible to keep baldness at bay. It is very important to realize that baldness is inevitable to those who have baldness genes. However, if there is some underlying reason for development of baldness, the problem should be investigated and cured.