Baldness Causes

Baldness Causes Hair Loss

Baldness Causes Background

As the hair to some people is their most prized possession, much attention is given to its care and maintenance. Hair loss is a major concern. As hair loss can lead to baldness, the causes of baldness are taken very seriously. Baldness by definition is the area on the surface of the scalp which is devoid of hair. So let us examine the main causes of baldness in order to understand the problem better.


ICD-10 L65.9
ICD-9 704.0
DiseasesDB 14765
MeSH D000505

Baldness Causes

  • There are two types of baldness – temporary and permanent.
  • Temporary baldness can be caused by medicines, vitamins, stress and hormonal changes.
  • Permanent baldness is due to a hereditary condition known as “androgenetic alopecia”.
  • Permanent baldness can also be caused by damage inflicted on the hair follicle or scalp. This can occur as the result of an accident or a burn scar.
  • Age is the most common cause of baldness. With age, hormone levels change and the immune system becomes weak. It is possible to reverse the balding process to some extent through hormone treatment. If the follicles die however, the process cannot be reversed. It is a known that almost 40% men exhibit baldness symptoms before reaching 40 years of age.
  • Another well-known cause of baldness is illness. If a person has serious illnesses like typhoid, scarlet fever or scalp infections, it is likely that some baldness may occur. This kind of baldness is often reversible and the hair may grow back once the person has recovered.
  • Genetic factors also play an important role in baldness causes. If baldness runs in the family, it is highly likely that several members of that family will also become bald. In such cases, the baldness is usually of a permanent nature.
  • Sometimes the lifestyle of a person can cause baldness. For example, if a woman ties her hair tightly, the hair can get damaged and it can lead to baldness.
  • Incorrect diet can also lead to baldness. The hair like any other of the organs in the human body needs right kind of nourishment. Following a balanced diet can contribute to healthy and strong hair.
  • Environmental reasons can be some of the baldness causes. For example, exposure to pollutants, toxic gases and x-rays can lead to baldness. This category of baldness may or may not be reversible – it depends upon whether the follicles are destroyed or not.
  • Baldness can be caused by strong medication. Chemotherapy is one of the well-known baldness causes.
  • Use of spurious hair products or hair products which contain harsh chemicals can cause baldness. Always use natural herbal shampoos and hair conditioners whenever possible to avoid premature baldness.
  • There is a definite relationship to baldness and stress. Men who lead a stressful life are most likely to become prematurely bald.


Once the baldness causes are known as described above, it is possible to prevent and control baldness by avoiding the conditions which lead to baldness.