Backache Home Remedies

Backache Home Remedies

One of the most common problems faced by lot of middle aged people in the present time is  backache. Most of the IT professionals who have 8hr desk job are prone to get different types of back problems. Stiff back, backache, back pain in the middle, etc are some of the most noted problems. Backache is also known as Lumbago. It shows symptoms of back pain in the middle of the spine, bottom of the spine and stiffness in back. It can also be considered as a degenerative disorder. The weakness in the bones or the muscle is also one of the main reasons for people suffering from backache. 

Common Symptoms of Backache   

One of the more suffered ailments by mankind is backache. There are several symptoms which will bring us to the conclusion that it is a back problem. The signs are very evident therefore we cannot miss the symptoms. There are some subtle signs which warn us from a future back pain. 

Some of the most vital symptoms are – 

  • Pain in the middle of the spine
  • The lower portion of the back has severe pain
  • Stiffness all along the spine
  • Flexibility of the back will be reduced
  • Numbness in the legs 
  • Sharp pain in the upper neck and bac

Home Remedies for Backache

There are many home remedies which will help you avoid back pain. Backache is a persisting pain which will make your life miserable if not taken care of properly. There are many disadvantages of having a backache. Therefore the sooner you find out the symptoms the faster you should start taking care of your back. Here is a list of home remedies for backache. 

  • A concoction of wheat, cuscus grass and coriander helps you deal with your back pain. Soak 60 gms of wheat in the water in the night and the next day morning mix it with 30gms of cuscus grass and 30gms coriander and boil it along with milk. Have this concoction in the morning. This will improve your digestive system and in turn help you cure your back pain. This is considered to be the best home remedy for back pain. 
  • Sleep on flat floor instead of the mattress. This will help you deal with back pain. If you sleep on the mattress the uneven arrangement of the mattress will worsen the back pain. If you sleep on the floor it will help the blood to flow uniformly in your spine which will help you keep the backache at bay.
  • Glucose water and honey is another very effective way of dealing with back pain. Glucose will supply your body with nutrients which will help your back to fight the pain. Honey is also a source of glucose in the body. 
  • Soft cushion on your seat will also help you cure back ache. The cushion will help you in giving proper support to your lower spine which will help it become stronger and avoid backache. 
  • Lemon juice with a pinch of salt should be given to the person suffering with backache. This will also help to cure backache as the immunity development will help in supporting the stressed muscles in the back.


Another simple way of making your back strong is by doing exercises which help you make your back stronger. Simple bending and stretching exercise will help you in keeping your back strong.