Permanent Back Hair Removal using Laser Treatment

Laser back hair removal is an effective option for those who are tired of having a hairy back.

Laser hair removal treatment can be done on the below mentioned areas of the back.

  • Upper Back: this includes the shoulder blades and across the upper back areas. The back of the neck or deltoid area/ shoulders are not part of this.
  • Lower Back: includes the part of the body that start from the bottom of the shoulder blades down to the waist line and along the sides.
  • Entire back: Comprises of the upper and lower back

There are 3 growth stages for hair- 2 resting stages and 1 active growth stage. The light-based hair removing technology affects only the growth stage. Numerous treatments are needed which might take around 18 to 24 months. The result of the treatment will not be visible soon. It might take some time for the hair to fall out naturally. A noticeable change will be visible after four treatment sessions. After each treatment the energy level used will be increased gradually. It is important to have consistency and patience.

These types of laser hair removal technologies work best on darker hair types. As compared to lighter brown or blond hair, dark brown and black hair responds the best.
There is a potential risk of burns, blisters, and skin-colour changes in those who are having dark complexions. It takes some time for you to understand how it works on you. Once you get it you can have the perfect unwanted hair removal system working for you.