Baby Yoga Teacher Training

Baby Yoga Teacher Training
  • Yoga is a broad field with many different sub categories coming under it. Baby yoga is one such sub category. This is also a recent and fast growing form of yoga both in the western and eastern countries. It is a highly specialized field requiring nearly 200 to 500 hours of practice to be invested to later teach as a certified instructor.
  • To become a certified baby yoga teacher one need not have a certificate as a regular yoga teacher, though acquiring a certificate as a baby yoga teacher does definitely add to the credentials of the instructor. As the name would suggest, a baby yoga teacher is a person who is certified to teach yoga to toddlers and kids.
  • Certain courses involve the mother as well. The idea behind the creation of such a sub category of yoga is to inculcate yoga in to the lives of the children at an early age. Every person who does, eventually become a baby yoga teacher develops their own teaching methods. These methods vary from person to person. For example a teacher might center around 75% of the training towards the baby while concentrating the remaining energy on external sources like parents for example.
  • Others devote a lesser amount of energy on the kid and more on the parents. It is extremely important for a person aspiring to become a baby yoga instructor to start understanding and creating his own takes on yoga. Baby yoga training is growing at an enormous rate as people have reported positive changes in the lives of the toddlers. Many parents have reported that their children experience better quality of sleep and do not suffer a lot from gastric stress and indigestion.
  • The main challenge in becoming a baby yoga teacher is that their students are restricted in their understanding by their age. It is very important for a baby yoga teacher to be patient with their students as impatience would result in a lot of problems. Step by step understanding is the best way to go in such a situation.