Requirment and Necessity of Dossage in Vitamin Supplements for Baby

Baby Vitamins Info

Everyone has a unique opinion when it comes to vitamins for a baby. Some doctors will say that your baby is not in requirement of any vitamins, and others will say give them a multi- vitamin, it entirely depends on your pediatrician and for the safety of your baby you must follow your pediatrician’s advice.

When Baby Requires Vitamin Supplements

Your baby is healthy and doesn't require when it is born. Your baby gets vitamins through breast milk. It is only when your baby quits breastfeeding or consuming formula that you may require to consider giving a vitamin supplement to your bundle of joy.

Once baby starts on solid food it becomes difficult to know whether the baby is taking a healthy diet. Baby may eat one day well and the next day may have a couple of bites and spit out all the vegetables. So if your baby is fussy about eating and you are doubtful about his eating a healthy balanced diet, then it is recommended to opt for a liquid multi-vitamin particularly developed for infants. You can find such vitamins at your local health food store.

Doses of Vitamins for Children

You should stay away from gummy vitamins so long your child’s age is 3 or 4.  Multivitamins dosage are generally given by weight to the child which is good as then you will be able to realize how much vitamins are safe for your baby. You should never give your baby adult vitamins because such vitamins are rich in high dosage of vitamins which your baby’s body may not be able to handle. Excessive of anything can harm your body, except love.

Necessary Baby Vitamins Supplement

Vitamin D

There are certain necessary vitamins to stay healthy, vitamin D for instance. It is taken through the sun, so ensure that your baby remain outdoor for at least 30 min a week. In winters when there is the temperature is low, you may not want to let your kids out. This time a vitamin supplement can work. But keep a track of the dose. Too much Vitamin D can prove to be toxic to your baby.

Vitamin C

Babies also require Iron and Vitamin C. Vitamin C is an awesome preventative vitamin which bolsters the immune system and it protect against cold also. Vitamin C liquid drops for infants are also available. Vitamin C can assist in the absorption of Iron.


Iron is also imperative for babies up to 18 months. Lack of iron can lead to developmental as well as behavioral disorders in infants. Although in some babies excess of iron can lead to constipation, but it is also necessary for their growth. There are iron based cereals and a formula for babies and iron is also found in multi-vitamin. You should always go through the labels to ensure about it.

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