Massage Techniques for Babies

Massage Techniques for Babies

Massaging is very essential for small babies. There are many advantages if you have taken good care of your baby since childhood. As mothers spend lot of time with their baby, here are some important techniques which can bring a smile on your baby’s face. The activity of babies is very little. To help the circulation of blood it is very important to properly massage the limbs and the back of the baby. We shall give you some vital techniques and tips about how to massage a baby.

Why to Massage a Baby

One of the main reasons for massaging a baby is to increase the bond with the baby. It is also a way of communicating with the baby. The circulation of blood in the baby’s body is another important reason for massaging. Some of the common techniques of massaging a baby are give below. 

Things you need for baby massaging are –

• Towel or blanket

• Baby oil

• Toys (for distracting the baby)

Technique 1 – This is a simple massaging technique. Make the baby sleep on her back in a blanket or a towel. Now use some baby oil which is of a good company and apply the oil on the chest. Start rubbing gently on the upper part of the chest. Initially babies have a tendency of resisting this kind of activity. Create an environment and involve the baby into the massaging procedure. Rub the baby gently and don’t use high pressure while rubbing. At the same time don’t be too gentle also as this may cause tickling sensation to the baby which will make the baby unstable. Use medium pressure so that the baby will relish the feeling.

Technique 2 – Now make the baby sleep on the chest and apply the oil on the baby’s back. This will stimulate the blood circulation on the back of the baby. The back muscles are the most difficult to exercise and massaging that part of the body will help in circulating proper blood to the back portion of the baby. 

Technique 3 – The next most important technique is to massage the baby’s limbs. Hands and legs are the most used and active part of the body. Hence it is very important to strengthen them from childhood itself. Gently rub oil on the hands and legs with medium pressure. First rub the oil in one direction and then again rub it in the opposite direction. This will give flexibility to the hand. 

Advantages of Massaging

 Here are some of the advantages of massaging for babies.

• This will calm your baby a lot and give a relaxing effect. Most of the babies sleep well and are active if regular massaging is given to the baby.

• On biological terms, the blood circulation in the baby is increased and the baby’s muscles grow much stronger. This will help in the baby’s growth with robust health.

• If the baby is having any kind of pain, then in the process of massaging the pain is relieved. Not only that, any future possibilities of pain are also eliminated with massaging.

• Another very complex advantage is interaction. Mothers who massage their babies are said to be closer to them when they grow big. It is a scientifically proven fact that massaging helps the mother to bond well with the child. Also the possibility of the baby understanding the mother faster is also high.