Baby Brain Development - Everything You Need To Know

Brain development is the most rapid in the first three years. It is the time when the baby starts seeing and understanding the world through his brain. At this stage parents need to be very careful about various things. Here are some ways through they can make the brain of their baby healthy and fit.

1. Healthy start before birth: The mother must eat healthy food during the pregnancy to avoid any deficiency in the baby. Certain drugs are harmful for the development of the brain of the child. Healthy food will ensure the proper health of the baby.

2. Attention: One needs to be very attentive about the toddler’s activities. If they are watching something parents must pay attention. It creates strong confirmation in the child about the world outside.

3. Appropriate Toys: Toddlers love to play with several toys but parents should select right toys for their kids. They should help them in sharpening their brain in the childhood only so that proper development can be achieved.

4. Body Massage: One must take care of body massage of the toddlers because it maintains the right blood circulation in the body and help in building up a strong brain. Healthy brain helps in retaining high immunity power in the toddler.

5. Proper Response: When the toddler is crying it should be attended immediately. Excessive crying directly impacts the health of the brain of the child. A little pampering to the child can raise their emotional quotient and help in achieving a healthy brain.

6. Offering Safe Environment: Brain development is a function of the environment in which the toddler spends his whole day. Parent must try to create a safe and encouraging atmosphere around the kids. It ensures the well being of the brain and overall health of toddler. He will be able to make a positive map of the environment in which he is living.

7. Playing: One can try giving messy toys to the kid for playing at various levels. But this playing should be in the right supervision. Proper variation should be used in the games to channelize the whole brain of the child. During bathing, eating, walking times one must try to sensitize toddler’s learning senses with these activities.

8. Good Discipline: Many toddlers develop habits of hitting or biting other due to some reasons. In this case always instruct them with low but straight tone that this is wrong. This way they understand the difference between right and wrong actions. Their brain gets conditioning and gets the appropriate discipline to think and act.

9. Showing Energy to Kids: One very important aspect for the right development of child’s brain is the warmth that the parents show to the toddler. They must express joy and happiness in their babies. They should play with them at the fullest. It makes them feel that everybody takes care of them and they are safe. They become more open in sharing their problems with their parents. With this their brains get more balanced development.