Top 10 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Everyone wish to celebrate the special occasions and holidays with nears and dears. Obviously food is the major part of the celebrations. Unfortunately, most of the food that takes place in these occasions are unhealthy, junk and possess higher levels of calories. This results the fat gain. Thus, this type of weight gain can be called Holiday Weight Gain.

Most of the people often think that they eat only occasionally and it doesn’t harm much. But when such occasions become more, it definitely harms your body. The experts observed that the occasions that occur during winter seasons increase the holiday weight gain as winter season has several reasons that reduce the burning of calories. Yet, it doesn’t mean that summer is the time to gain weight.

Holiday Weight Gain Preventing Tips

To get rid of the holiday weight gain, you can follow few of the following tips.

1. Go with half filled stomach

When you are hungry, your intake of the unhealthy foods offered in these parties will increase. Thus, have any of the healthy items like a handful of almonds or a glassful of water before half an hour of the party meals. This reduces the amount of your intake.

2. Have a small plate

Choose a small plate or small spoon that makes you feel that you are having more. This works well in the buffets.

3. Learn to say no

Few of the people feel that the host feels bad if all the items are not tasted. Though it is true, you have to remember that self safety is also equally important.

4. Start your buffet with salads and fruits

Fill the plate with salads and fruits. Go for the main dish only after emptying your plate.

5. Go number of times

When you fill your plate at the first attempt, you will be forced to eat all of the items. Feel firm, only one item at once. The number of trips reduces the amount in the plate.

6. Try to eat as much silent as possible

It is proven that during the chats, people consume more food unknowingly. Thus, limit your words while eating.

7. Reduce the amount of alcohol

Often, people eat besides the alcohol or after. This reduces the control over the intake of food.

8. No need to do justice to the left over

After the parties, most of the people, don’t like to dispose the remaining food. They store the remaining and take them on the next days. It is rather better thing to donate the food instead of dumping into the stomach.

9. Cheat yourself

If you are offered with more number of your favorites which are unhealthy, deceive your tongue that you don’t like some of those. Feel that you had enough of the food and keep a full stop tasting only few of the items.

10. Go for walk, after taking meal

Even after being cautious, there are certain inevitable times when you can’t stop yourself. In such worst cases walk after the meal can help you better. Go for a group walk or family walk. This helps in different ways like keeping yourself far from the food and also giving some movements to your body.