Avocado Facial Cleanser

Avocado Facial Cleanser


Facial Cleansers work very gently on your face. They lift up the impurities and excess oil that helps in controlling blemishes and retaining the natural shine and glow of the face. Natural Facial Cleansers have a great effect on the skin; they reach deep within the skin and removes maximum dirt and oil. The after effects are very keen it gives the skin a refreshing and purified look.

Natural Facial Cleanser not only provides deep cleansing but also moisturises the skin naturally and cleans the skin effectively. One such natural facial cleanser is found in the Avocado fruit. We have known the benefits of Avocado as fruit and they are many. Avocados are made up of healthy oils and other nutrients that are proved to be very essential ingredient for the natural skin care.

Similarly Avocado has n numbers of benefits when used as facial cleanser. Avocado Facial Cleanser is considered as one of the best and the most popular among all the natural skin care products. It reduces age spots, heals skin rashes to an extent and also provides natural treatment for sun damaged skin. Avocado Facial Cleanser makes the way for the skin care naturally as it is enriched in Vitamins A. D and E. These healthy oils found in the Avocado are extracted and used in many beauty care products.

Avocado Facial Cleanser has moisturising properties that it inherits from the avocado fruit and it is applicable to all types of skin may be its oily, dry or normal. Avocado Facial Cleanser is also used as the cleansing milk for removing of makeup.

Avocado Facial Cleanser

Avocado Facial Cleanser provides an effective nourishment and moisture for a dehydrated skin. It also has some great and effective qualities that make it a good natural facial cleanser and it helps in bringing a natural and healthy shine to the dry and flaky skin. Avocado Facial Cleanser is enriched with acid known as Glutamine and other healthy oils and these nutrients work together in order to remove the dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads from the surface of the skin.

Avocado Facial Cleanser is very effective and is one of the greatest natural beauty products and it can be prepared at home very easily using some homemade ingredients. As it is said that charity begins at home similarly the care for your skin begins right from your home. The natural Avocado Facial Cleanser prepared at home is equally effective when compared to the one purchased from the market.  To make this natural homemade facial cleanser is very simple and the results of it are very delightful.

All you require is 1 or 2 ripe avocado that should be peeled very properly; 1 or 2 whole eggs; ½ cup of milk if you wish you can take some more; A container and a Blender.

First step of all is that you need to beat the egg in the container so that it becomes foamy. Then take the avocado fruit and mash it properly and mix it with the yolk. Beat the two together so that they form a fine paste. Now add milk to the paste and blend it using the blender till you get a smooth lotion. It is advisable that you should not use the same lotion for more that 2 to 3 days and for that also you need to refrigerate the lotion.

For the application of the Avocado Facial Cleanser the process is very simple you need to take a cotton ball and dip it into the lotion. Now with very gentle hands dab the cotton ball very carefully on your forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck. With very light hands you need to move the cotton balls from one point of the face to another. Repeat the same process for 2 to 3 times and after 15-20 minutes rinse of the lotion with lukewarm water and apply a toner that is suitable for your skin.

Avocado Facial Cleanser is considered to be good option for removing all dirt and grime from the face which is caused because of the everyday exposure to the environment. It is especially suitable for dry and mature skin but it has no harmful effects and is applicable to all types of skin.

The only point that you need to take care of is that if you have any kind of skin allergy it is advisable that you should consult a skin specialist or dermatologist before applying the cleanser.