Autumn Fashion Trends

AsAutumn draw closer, it's for all of us to begin rearranging our wardrobe withsome latest autumn clothes for the upcoming winter.

Coats Are AutumnFashion Trends

Thebig fashion trend for this season is the long coat, duffel coat or trench coat!Last winter witnessed the military jacket trend statement and the response witnessedprominent retailers incorporating women's military jackets to their Autumn winterlines.

Military Jackets LatestAutumn Fashion Trends

Thisfashion trend was first started by celebrities like Rihanna when she begindonning  military jackets as a tribute toMichael Jackson and developed a huge following as everybody invested in amilitary jacket. Military jackets are very much in, this season and this alsoadded one more autumn fashion trends in the form of long formal dressy trenchcoat/duffel coat look.

Boot Cut JeansUpcoming Autumn Fashion Trends

Bootcut jeans are becoming another autumn fashion trend and are going to be bigthis season, primary campaigns are encompassing the boot cut look in their basiclines.

Thesedays winter trend is to flaunt the 1950's /1970's inspired appearance. Longtrench coats, high waisted paints, boot cut jeans, flare paints and themilitary jacket look.

Themilitary look is going to get a great response in winter 2010/2011. Last yearwe had the Michael Jackson’s military jacket which registered a cult status, howeverthis year it's the long military trench coats. This season knee boots are major autumn fashion trend that can be fused withboot cut skinny fit jeans and the trench coat.

Autumn Fashion TrendsInspired by 1950s Dresses

Thedresses this season are inspired by the 1950s.The speculation around stylishlong dresses and the high waisted polka dot dresses are making a comeback. Thesedresses have influenced our autumn fashion trends and how we dress today.

Celebrities like Zooey Deschanel have enabledthe 50's look as she always opted for a 50's / 60's look with all the oldoutfits and attires she wears. The 50s decade of dresses met the minimalism ofthe 70's with  the long trench coats andduffle coats, a  fusion of vintagedresses incorporating grander to the overall appearance. It is advisable to betuned into the London fashion week

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